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    4 replies to "How to Install OptinChat on a WordPress Blog"

    • Vandana Rajamani

      I have a wordpress blog ( not website), only blog account. It is not allowing me to install any plugins there. The business account is 10000 a year. Is there not any other option in wordpress to install OptinChat? I have a website already so I dont want to buy another domain from wordpress. Please guide

    • Srikanth Naini

      Hi deepak, your videos are awesome,
      Please put a video on open graph tag

    • Prasad Pawar

      Hi Sir, Im not able to download the plugin will you plz help me.

    • Jyoti Gahlot

      I have downloaded Optin chat plugin in my wordpresss dashbord , which is suppose to appear in my setting tab menu of wp as per Deepaks video, but unfortunately I cannt that plug in in my setting tab and hence cannt use this for my company , Can you please help me on this?

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