How to generate the NEW Facebook Pixel, install it on an Optimize Press Website, and check it has been installed correctly in a Chrome Browser using the Facebook Pixel Helper.

    6 replies to "How to Install the New Facebook Pixel on an OptimizePress Website"

    • Shelita Williams

      wow this was awesome, thank you so so much!!!!!

    • Surinder Leen

      A great video, Thanks.

    • ian allan

      Wonderful. Well presented. Thankyou

    • M8

      thanks! Exactly what i was looking for ­čÖé

    • Rob Julien

      Thanks for the video. I'm also user of OptimizePress and am wondering about the more important next step: adding the 'standard event' code to individual pages so we can track conversions, etc. Have you managed to get that done with OP2.0 as well? Mind sharing how? Cheers.

    • Damjan Visnjic

      I've tried your way, I've also tried adding to a specific page through live editor as well as facebook pixel plug in and I still get the error from the Facebook. "Your ad will not be optimized for conversions because we haven't received any activity from your pixel."

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