Easy-to-follow tutorial on how to install WordPress manually via ftp and using cPanel database settings.

These are the main steps you need to follow when installing WordPress manually:
– Create a MySQL database on your server, in this case I’m using cPanel (you can use PhpMyAdmin)
– Create a database user, you can use the same name as you’ve used for your database. Don’t forget to write down the user password.
– Add your user to the database, grant all privileges.
– Download WordPress installation files (link below)
– Unzip WP installation files on your computer
– Upload all files and directories to your server via ftp. I’m using free FileZilla FTP client, link below.
– Enter your domain name (or WordPress URL) in a browser and follow the easy WordPress installation steps.

Your WordPress manual install is ready. It only took less than 9 minutes for me even in this tutorial video with explanations, so we can safely say that you can install WordPress manually in just 5 minutes.

Download links:
– WordPress latest download:
– FileZilla free FTP client download:

Watch this video to learn more about site title and tagline settings in WordPress:

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