How to make a landing page with Divi

In this video, I show you step by step how to make a landing page with Divi. how to build a landing page in WordPress is an important tutorial because at any point you need to sell or promote a product, you can just use that template.


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    11 replies to "How to make a landing page with Divi – Elegant Themes Divi"

    • Sunny Newar

      so which link needs to be provided in FB/Google to redirect to this landing page ?? Is it possible with Shopify ?

    • Desdeelcanton Radio Online

      faltó el url del botón, quería ver como tu hacias ese trabajo.

    • Mcebo Metfula

      Great video Mak

    • Gigi TV

      Hi Great video! I would like to buy Divi through your link and get access to your Divi Course…In the video you mention that Divi is 70% off through your link.. and your course would be free.. How do I get these? Thanks!

    • Curtis Brooks Media Productions

      Great job!!!

    • Noelle Hartt

      You are amazing! Thank you for posting this!! I recently bought the Divi theme knowing there’s a lot I can do with it, but I learned so much more just from this video. Subscribed! ??

    • Gold Currency

      Can we make a background picture blurred via Divi itself? It's difficult to find blurred background pictures.

    • Elizabeth Franceschi

      can you explain the modules more

    • Adrian Snary Podcast

      Thanks mate

    • Elizabeth Franceschi

      i created a landing page but my header for the website is showing how do I eliminate that?

    • Elizabeth Franceschi

      i love the way you sound. could you share what equipment you are using?

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