Learn how to create a membership website with wordpress! You can charge your members on a monthly basis! You can get the plugin here: http://www.darrelwilson.com/memberpress

The membership plugin allows you to make a membership website with no expeirnce! You can restrcit content on certain parts of your wordpress website for people who havent purchased certain memberships.

With this membership you can do key features:
-Create Tiers For Your Memberships
-Charge Your Members On a Monthly Or Recurring Basis
-Let Members upgrade or downgrade their memberships
-Send Reminder Emails regarding credit cards

Thanks for watching this tutorial on a membership website with WordPress. For more tutorials like this or to learn how to make a wordpress website, feel free to visit my website at http:///www.darrelwilson.com/memberpress

    25 replies to "How To Make A Membership Website with WordPress 2018 – MemberPress Tutorial"

    • Darrel Wilson

      Hey guys, thanks for watching! Let me know if you have any questions about this plugin!

    • Harshit Jaiswal

      Hi Darrel, Thanks for the video….. I have a query that if I want to use different payment gateway instead of paypal and stripe… does it have the option to integrate that?

    • Afshar Foruhar

      Hi Darrel, I would like to know, when I became a member and have members (e.g. 5 or more members), are they able to communicate to each other?

    • Anna Thorner

      Hi – so I am working for a non-profit that sort of runs on memberships. I am looking towards memberpress but one thing I am worried about is event plug-ins. Do you have a recommendation for a good event plug-in that works with Memberpress?? I want to be able to have events specific to members that you have to pay for. However, I also want events for both members and non-members and the costs will be different for each. Do you have any recommendations?? I hope you answer soon!

    • Shibbir Ahmed

      Hi, Thanks for that awesome video. I have a question. For example, I have a page which is restricted for the platinum subscription where a download link exists for a file. So only platinum subscription user can access that page to download the file. That's great but what happened if directly use the download link? Is there any restriction for that?

    • Shulkerkiste

      I have some questions:

      Where is the data of each registration saved and is the data safe, eg passwords etc.?

      What will happen, if someone logs in on another PC at the same time with the same account? I don't want that!

      And how can a member quit his monthly payments?

      Sorry, if I missed a answer of any question.

      Great tutorial!

    • Gautam S

      Great video. How can I have this plug in work with other plug ins ? I want this functionally plus buddypress functionality. I’m just learning WP, so can you point me in right direction on integrating plug-ins

    • Rob

      Thanks for this usefull tutorial ! Good job ! In memberpress options, is it possible to put limitations to the 'date' field so that the user can not enter a birth date like "2050" ???? Thank you very much !

    • Bruce Evans

      It appears that most online e-commerce membership sites have one service with multiple levels (silver, gold, platinum), my challenge is that I have multiple services that each have two different levels of service: multiple educational courses that each have different levels of support and feedback. I'm trying to figure out how to access those from a member's account page or a different work around.

    • Oscar Faina

      but how do you make membership content unique to each member? for example "my orders" or if someone has saved content they wish to look at later

    • Reekz The Personal Trainer/ Learner

      Salute bro! great vid.. clear and concise! Big up

    • Igor Sidelkovsky

      Just wonderful, I've been looking for "membership directory software" for a while now, and I think this has helped. You ever tried – Kanmma Banabriel Scheme – (just google it ) ? Ive heard some super things about it and my partner got great success with it.

    • b arra

      hey darrel – im trying to build out a membership site from scratch so i wanted to ask if you thought i should design the entire site before wasting the money on the memberpress fees or should i do the memberpress first?

    • Grønnedalsforeningen

      Hi Darrel, I only need a membership site with public pages and some membership pages (with the possibility to download documents PDF). There will be no payment related to the restricted areas.
      I think this plugin is to advanced for this purpose. Can you recommend a more simpel plugin?

    • James Brannan

      Hi Darrel. Thanks for this! Can you recommend a profile plugin. I'm really looking for something which allows members to type and capture notes into the page…IDEALLY with more than just one page in the profile section so they can tab across. EG: Goals page where they track goals, and other specific note pages to keep notes as they go through my site. Thank you very much for any help!!

    • Vivek puri

      Wonderful Video, lots of information, Thanks Darrel 🙂 is this plugin good for creating a site which can accept almost million members with payments in 2 months period without crashing?

    • M Stevenson

      This was an informative and fun tutorial. I like your jokes, so don't skimp on those. Question for you: My existing website is WordPress Divi using Elegant Themes. I've watched your other videos about using LifterLMS, and that you recommend Astra. So…should I use another domain and website to create my courses?

    • Susie Salisbury

      Do you know of anyone that would work with me SLOWLY, answer questions if I get stuck while building a membership website?

    • Catherine Tanaka

      Thank you for this tutorial! The step by step was SUPER helpful!

    • Don Price

      Great video easy to follow as a newbie, do you have anything that shows how to incorporate the buddy press and home page menus with memberpress?

    • Janoque

      I’m recreating this buy a Free Version.

    • Suraj Sharma

      Hi Darrel, Firstly, I want to thank you so much for creating such wonderfull videos. Please continue to do that as It helps a lot. In addition to that, I have another question, I installed Ultimate Member plugin on my website but I don't know how to link to free payment plugin for my membership website. To start with I need some free payment plugin. If it works then 100% I will buy recommended payment plugin to support my members. And I don't have any coding knowledge, so I can't do any kind of coding. Thanks in advance for you help!!!

    • Steve Hilliar

      It is far too expensive

    • FlopHouseDK

      Thanks a lot for another useful tutorial, Darrel!
      Quick question:
      If I just need to provide users with one option of paying 1-2 USD/EUR to get access to special content, the MemberPress plugin seems like a bit of an overkill – especially seeing that it costs more than 100 USD/year.
      Do you have a suggestion to an alternative?
      I have installed the Ultimate Member plugin to handle the registration of members – it seems this plugin has a Woo Commerce plugin which might do the trick? Obviously, I'm not selling physical products, but if it allows me to sell one item – i.e. the special content – I'm home free?
      Thanks in advance for any useful feedback!

    • Maria Ott

      Have you had experience using Paid Membership Pro… if so how would you compare it to this one?

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