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Want to learn how to make a website yourself in a couple hours? This is the first comprehensive YouTube demonstration of the popular Avada WordPress theme, the top selling WordPress theme on themeforest.

Cheat sheet: http://www.emediacoach.com/wordpress-website/make-a-website-with-avada/
Example website: http://www.emcthemedemo1.com/

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00:24 – Desktop and mobile Demo
01:00 – Tutorial Overview
02:52 – Get Domain and hosting

Discounted Hostgator link: https://www.hostgator.com/discounted
Or use a coupon code on checkout:
DISCOUNTED (***60% off & Free Domain***)
1DIRTYCENT (1 cent first month)


10:25 – Install WordPress and log in! This is the powerful engine of your website.
18:16 – Get the Avada Theme: https://www.emediacoach.com/avada-theme-yt
24:23 – Import Demo Content: https://theme-fusion.com/avada-doc/demo-content-info/alternate-demo-method/
32:39 – Initial Settings and Tasks


38:35 – Choose your Front Page (ie. homepage)
40:17 – Create a Homepage Slider and add Slides
42:38 – Add Slides after setting up Homepage slider
43:25 – Configure slider buttons
51:16 – Add homepage panels and elements!


1:47:17 – New pages and the Content Editor
1:49:38 – Editing the sidebar of a Content Page
1:55:28 – Editing the website footer areas
2:04:02 – Contact Page, including map and form!
2:17:10 – Main menu navigation – customize it!
2:21:19 – Outro and congrats! Please ask any questions in the comments.

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    25 replies to "How to Make a WordPress Website – 2020 Avada Theme"

    • eMediaCoach

      Thanks for watching everyone! Let's get this video to 4,000 likes! Smash the Thumbs Up, and drop any questions in the comments!

    • Polish and Passion

      Great video buddy. Great effort to illustrate everything.I have a question. Can i add Ecwid e commerce to this site.? TIA

    • Sathya Sankar

      Thank you for this wonderful infromation. How to add a logo?

    • Sathya Sankar

      Thank you for this wonderful infromation. How to add a logo?

    • Los Clasificados RD

      this tutorial is excellent

    • Los Clasificados RD

      you must do a tutorial on how to optimize the wordpress so that the page is faster

    • Luigi Albanese

      Thank-You for the information. Very Interesting. My question is, I'm looking at different theme builders. I have tried Impreza only. And now i would like to see The7 and Avada (which you are showing me now which is very interesting) You probably tried them and would like to know your feed back from Impreza, The7 and Avada. Kind Regards

    • Alex R

      Thanks for the tutorial. I am trying to upload the demo in in the "import demo content" step and I am getting a message that "There is not enough space available on the disk." when I go to import. How can I fix this? Thanks!

    • John Williams

      Coach. Help! I'm to the third step in the alternative demo install and I think there may have been an upgrade to their software a few days ago! The list of demos is not the same!
      I love it so far and thanks

    • Rasudu Dewin

      Thanks Very Good For Us

    • Simone Seiler

      Great tutorial! Thank you very much!
      Is there any plugin or other possibility to pick a color from an image? I'm struggling getting the perfect match… Thanks a lot for your help!

    • berkay kopdağ

      Hi, I've uploaded classic demo but did not come to new pages.. just normal classic theme how can I fix this? Thanks for answer

    • Jame Malachi

      WordPress is the most complicated site there is to create a got damn website. I mean my gosh who set that shit up blindfolded monkeys?!

    • Shana

      Prebuild templates dont exist anymore ? I canot find them anywhere…..

    • Ayaz Reshi

      hi. can we create all kinds of websites using AVADA or it is restricted to some type, i mean what if i want to create directory of people and allow them to register and people can search them, can these kind of things be done using AVADA?

    • Alanna Engels

      Do you know if it's possible to add clickable flip boxes over top of a slider instead of buttons?

    • Chris Liu

      how did he add so,many,templates into the avada theme , could anyone,tell me pls ? I'm new

    • Lotte Reiter


    • Melody Wong

      It helps me a lot 么么哒 Thanks a lot

    • Laura Rowan

      hi why cant I download the classic demo from The Alternate Method Demo Backup Files? it looks like a big page of random txt, it doesn't allow me to download? im stuck at this point.

    • Camilla Lauridsen

      TNX for a great tutorial. I am about 58 minutes in. How come when i go into fusion builder i can't add a full-width container and the builder elements are not there either? Hope you can help me.

    • Mehdi Boubrik

      can someone give me the Avada alternative demo files

    • Jennifer Shaw

      Absolutely brilliant. Thank you so much! Is a child theme necessary?

    • edge Yang

      Thank you for your efforts! This is the best tutorial on Avada I have seen! Very much appreciated!

    • Itz Miriam

      Hi please am currently building a site with avada theme but I mistakenly added background image to it, please how can I remove it; thanks

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