Learn how to make an appointment booking website step by step with no step skipped.

By the end of this video, people will be able to schedule appointments with you on your website. We will be using WordPress which is the best way in the entire world to create your website.

It’s perfect for consultants, dog groomers, lawyers, accountants, doctors, therapists, dentists, dermatologists, salons, trainers, setting up meetings, or zoom meetings– or anyone who needs to make an appointment with you.

This video will let people make an appointment with you in the most efficient and simplified way possible.

Website Template and CSS Code:


Intro – 00:00:00
Overview 00:04:11
Get Your Domain Name & Host – 00:07:33
Install WordPress – 00:16:08
Login To WordPress – 00:19:06
Delete Plugins – 00:20:00
Update WordPress 00:20:47
Change Password – 00:21:22
Permalinks – 00:21:44
Install Astra – 00:22:43
Install Astra Starter Sites – 00:24:05
Choose Your Design – 00:25:20
Install Template – 00:35:10
Delete Projects Page – 00:46:06
Change Title and Tagline – 00:46:42
Contact Us Button – 00:47:27
Install Appointment Plugin – 00:49:36
Add Services – 00:54:28
Setup Appointment Form – 00:55:26
Email Confirmation – 00:59:28
Customize Appointment Form – 01:00:02
Contact Page – 01:02:20
Add Pages – 01:06:55
Navigation – 01:09:14
Delete Pages – 01:10:10
How to Edit Your Website – 01:10:33
Background Image – 01:11:08
Undo / Redo – 01:13:18
Change Text – 01:14:15
Change Button – 01:15:27
Change Spacing – 01:16:47
Copy Apple Website – 01:18:37
Duplicate Style – 01:28:52
Responsive – 01:29:58
Create a Logo and Favicon – 01:31:39
Website Backup – 01:38:57
Log Out – 01:41:08
Congrats – 01:41:28

Thank you 🙂

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    • Gisselle Molina

      Hi Tyler, great content. Thank you so much for this!
      Question- can Domain name be changed?

    • Ilyaaz Tiki

      😅Me telling my client: “you’re a salon owner now”

    • Pacdev

      Tutorial so clear, I guess I can just show this to my mom instead.

      Y'know, so she can maintain/edit it on her own in the future and all that (and because I'm a lazy-ass lmao).

      Thanks, mate!

    • José Scire

      Excelente aporte Genial! Thank you

    • Chris Curry

      If we use Hostgator… how do you get commission? is there a link or code I enter somewhere?

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      You are an amazing persone..
      Thank you

    • Anthony Brancato

      Thanks Tyler. Absolutely AMAZING video. Your delivery is so perfect. Even with ADHD, I was able to follow along and watch with no issues. Building my site now!! You are truly the man!

    • Anthony Brancato

      Would this be good for booking appointments for a mobile detailer? Thanks!

    • Jorge Rmz.

      I watched the entire video👍🏼

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      You're a living legend, love your work, bro.

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      Great guide! Andddd very creative

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      Amazing and Awesome for coming with such a spectacular site design… With such creativity like yours do more for us .always happy for you

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      Wonderful video you are amazing!

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    • K-Le DaVincci

      I'm not going to lie…. this has changed my life so much… I'm going to go get certified in word press. Not because I have to, but because this is a very motivational video. I've made websites before… but THIS type of knowledge OBVIOUSLY everybody didn't know, as your closing in on 45,000 views as of 5/25/21. Thanks man.

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