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how to make money from home (online marketing strategy)
[00:00:00] All right I think we’re like what’s going on. It’s her route here. And today we’re back with another expert. I’ve got a really awesome guest somebody who has done some really really cool stuff when it comes to not only writing not only at marketing and hopefully manage that but like working with some big names in this industry and really kind of your topper again right now of course you can only keep going out. So you have a baseline and you’re going out but it’s super exciting. Have you on. I want to hear not so humble kind of a headline story. Who you are and you heard that breakdown so that they are sure Manuel did.

[00:00:56] It’s awesome to be on here with you guys. He planned a fan of the platform connect with the recently and just you know falling got a funny guy. It’s just awesome to see this tool answering a lot of questions that like I’ve been trying to solve for years with like 50 different tools and analytics like this. So first off thank you for that but out of my 10 seconds. Hi hyperreal if you know I I work with a lot of Internet markers. You know I started with the old syndicate gaming back in the day Frank Kern and JENKINS All those guys kind of happened into it you know it was one of those things I ran an agency building Web sites and just so happened my brand had captured the attention of a lot of these guys and they’re like we need some of that whatever you’re doing we can use that. So over the last few years the business just keeps evolving changing it’s just not every six months it seems like the model changed a bit. But recently the main focus has been using this marking skills the final skills of copyright and all that and really kind of shift in how I sell it. So as opposed to what is new which is like retainer is actually like selling the funnels to sell people’s products. Now it’s more of a partnership type deal so it’s not like a foreign concept to most people like equity consulting like the idea of getting in on a percentage of sales. But my big thing is is building a network between my clients so two of my bigger clients people might know is time Lopez and Sam oven’s Tai Lopez runs knowledge societies got a lot of products from as Lamborghini’s fold and it’s hard to miss it if you’re on YouTube. But you know taking him as a client. You know I went to him because I was just curious about what he was doing. So I wanted to get involved and learn from him.

[00:02:53] So it talked about that I got some funnel ideas together all that. But then it evolved into. All right well let’s hope you promote other people so that kept growing evolving. Then I found another guy Sam oven’s who has an awesome product.

[00:03:08] Honestly to be fully transparent I was super jealous because I was like This is the product I want to make right. Like it.

[00:03:15] So instead of going out and making that product they actually decided to partner with them early on and help and promote it. So when Al found him affiliate’s and then just kind of built this network where I would build the deal along with the funnel. So it wasn’t just funnel development copyright that it was actually designing the promotion and connecting those people so probably familiar with the concept toJ.V. brokering which is just joint venture deals.

[00:03:45] This is a little bit different in the sense that I’m actually building everything out too. So it’s kind of putting those two worlds together and it really helped transform my business as a solo maneuver and few sources and things but I still don’t have like a staff in a team that I it’s not really like what I want in my business so I’ve been able to do about 40 million in revenue between my clients over the last few years just using that model and leveraging their audiences and awesome products and the funnels in between. So that’s that’s in a nutshell what I do. And it’s you know at the heart I’m still like an agency like you still build stuff I still love doing copy and it’s my main focus. But I found it a much more profitable business model to actually get equity in the promotion as long as the deal is right.

[00:04:43] Yeah that’s amazing. Everyone who’s watching us if you’re watching live say you’re watching live if you’re watching the replay but have said what it was like. How’s it going. Everyone I hope you guys like attention you heard the broker over your clients generate all us years and your workplace. First of all I like how nonchalantly said back say you know we’re the. JENKINS Right. So you know I’m also working with Sam Obinze I will. OK. I’ve got a lot of questions for trying to figure out where I want to take this on the. It’s like. Let let’s start with how you can start these relationships because that in itself is a pretty Baitz superpower.

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