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    17 replies to "How to Make Your Own Bonus Page | Affiliate Marketing Bonus Page | Increase Affiliate Conversions"

    • Yaya Jatta

      Guess what after watching most of your videos and I was like how does this guy come up with Bonuses so enticing. So what did I do next is search about it on YouTube and here I am again. Watching another Jono video.

    • secret deadpool

      bt how will i add the bonuses in warrior plus id without commission gorrlia?
      commission gorrila provides it's own link to add..but how to add with wordpress?

    • Peaceful Growth Motivation

      can we create it on Get Response or on Convertkit where we can create landing pages ?………..what is the difference between landing page and Bonus Page ?

    • AtawhaiSolutions

      Brilliant tutorial mate. Most helpful indeed.


      Great video! This will save me some time ! Thanks!

    • Pastor Laurence

      Jono do you have another video using Commission Guerilla?

    • My E-Startup

      how to provide bonus to clickbank users?

    • Fit for Flirt

      Hi Jono, thank you very much for this great video. 👌
      I downloaded your templates. But unfortunately both templates are the same. Would be great if you could re-upload the Bonus page template again
      😍😍. Thanks a lot!

    • Tiffany Bostick

      Jono both these pages are exactly the same and neither are the page you show in the video to actually create the bonus page. Am I missing something? Thanks

    • Dragon Zee

      Hi. I have availed three of your udemy courses two related to Affiliate markeitng and one related to Fiverr arbitrage. In one course you taught how to make bonus pages in wix. I have a question in that. How do i add PLR products in the WIX Bonus page instead of Youtube videos. The you tube videos thing is not working.

    • Manu Incomyze

      how do you collect e-mail from people who buy the product?

    • Jose Franco

      Thanks Jono! I try but seems files are same

    • Elhussien Ehab

      keep posting👍

    • Ray Makara

      More great stuff buddy! Thanks for helping make things a lot easier/better for all of us!

    • Rick LaFata

      This is Awesome Thank You Jono, always providing MAJOR value.

    • Andre G

      Yet another selfless act of generosity Jono. The level of value and empathy for the newbie you share is priceless. There’s an old Chinese proverb that states “When you acquire something of value you are obligated to share it”
      You practice that principle beautifully.

      Cheers for everything you share Jono.
      The true secret to your success!

    • Azam Khan

      Thanks for a nice video! you are a great guy helping others. Kindly let me know is there any plugin to make the sales pages?

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