If you have more then 1 WordPress website and want an easier way to manage and update them using a free tool, then this tutorial is for you…

The tool is MainWP.

Thanks for watching!

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    15 replies to "How To Manage All Your Websites In 1 Dashboard FREE – MainWP Tutorial"

    • Ray Anderson

      do i need to install a new wordpress installation for every website i want to make using WordPress

    • Ray Anderson

      how do i create multiple sites with word press

    • Mike Manusama

      What are we supposed to do with the frontend of the "dashboard" website? Right now my dashboard[dot]url[dot]com is showing as a generic wordpress page that I don't want anybody seeing

    • Frits de Wolf

      Yeah, great…. ManageWP works like a charm. MainWP gives "invalid request" on adding the first website… Can't find what i'm doing wrong. Staying whit ManageWP for now..

    • nomads design

      Hi! Sometimes while i watch your videos only one thought comes up my mind: "Amazing!"
      I did install MainWP and i want to use it for some sites that i'm creating. In this video you said in the beginning that you would explain the configuration of the "clean & lock" feature.
      Are you going to do this, or do you have already? I think i would like to see some short settings overview from the free features that come with MainWP. I know this video is a little bit older, but i'm new to this and i think your videos have really good content and you explain things very well. Altough my native language is not english, i have no problems to understand what you are showing in the videos. Thank you

    • Karam Sihra

      Hi, great video, love your work. Great asset to the WordPress world. I'm just wondering at this current time in 2018 moving into 2019. Do you still use MainWP or have you started using something else? I am stuck between deciding on MainWP or InfinteWP. I really love that InfiniteWP is it's own CMS and not WordPress, and their client reporting seems beautiful compared to MainWP client reports.

      But MainWP offers some great Pros. Lifetime one-off purchase. Ability to apply plugin settings to multiple websites so you don't need to configure each one multiple times via the keymaker addon you mention (I don't think InfiniteWP can do this)?

      Great to hear where you're at coming into 2019 and if you still believe MainWP is the best option. Of course, I know it comes down to preferences and it's subjective to each users requirements.

      Thanks again.

    • Njofie Wilson

      This is so wonderful Adam, I just discovered something new today that will save me a lot of time managing my clients sites. Thank you so much. Despite the length of your videos, I always feel very comfortable watching them to the end, because of the so much value they deliver. I am grateful for you help.

    • Kyle Alexander

      THANK YOU ADAM! That Moment when you find something you didn't even know you were looking for 🙂

    • Jesu Fuentes

      adam! i cant get my subdomain to have a trusted ssl certificate. ive tried a lot of thinks, but i always get trouble with those.

    • Anton Langston

      Thank you! A million times, thank you!

      I have recently started managing more than one WP site and have spent far too much time comparing management tools, until I saw your channel… and now my life is happier! This video certainly didn't feel like it was 40 minutes long. You were insightful and informative and all the information was easy to understand. I will be watching more of your videos on my journey with WP. Thank you! 🙂

    • tonsfocus

      Thank you so so much, as ever. You are a fantastic teacher and guide.

    • Arturo Ayala

      Amazing tutorial, thank you Adam.

    • Tony Longmore

      What a great tutorial. Adam you did a fantastic job on this, thank you!

    • Giangiacomo Fanizzi

      I very rarely post a comment, but this time I must do it because you really saved my life!
      Thank you, Adam! I really appreciate your tutorials and I wish you all the best!
      I supported your work by clicking on your referral links to buy a couple of stuff from your reviews but I don't think it is enough to thank you for all the useful information you shared.
      Grazie mille! 🙂

    • Green Queen

      Thank you Adam! You are so great at explaining your topics.

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