One of the most crucial decisions you can make to close more SMMA clients especially when starting your social media marketing agency is deciding on how to price your services. You may ask why? You want to make sure you are fitting your clients budget so it will be much easier to close them and at the same time, you are valuing your time and energy.

In this video, I’ll show you how to price your SMMA services in the most common and profitable niches. Also, we’ll talk about packages and when & why is worth using them plus we’ll cover the topic of including ad budget in your packages.

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    4 replies to "How To Price Social Media Marketing Services [Complete Tutorial]"

    • Thomas v M

      Nice video's bro! Are your videos not more focused on the digital marketing/ growth marketing spectrum? I feel your title is a bit wrong… I think you are bigger than that

    • Irving Saucedo

      Including Ad budget in your cost. How does this effect you in taxes?

    • gurgen afrikyan

      Alex, how many cold calls do car dealerships get everyday from smma owners? Just wanna know is this niche saturated or not.

    • cory nuno

      Great stuff Alex thanks for the video

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