This is a short overview of how to rollback any WordPress plugin or theme with WP Rollback by the team at
— Full article:
— Download at

    4 replies to "How to Rollback any WordPress Plugin or Theme"

    • Bartłomiej Zieliński

      Time saver! Thank You very very much! It's very usefull!

    • Maria D'Amelio

      this helped me a lot. Thank you!

    • maxsepa

      Thank you so much. Life saver!

    • QyshmeOfficial

      Well, the plugin that I want to rollback it hasn't an older version to choose for rolling back.I have 2 website, in the first one I have the first version (1.0) and in the second one I have the newest version (2.0). I want to have version 1.0 in my second website !

      Is that possible ?

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