How To Rollback A WordPress Theme Or Plugin To A Prior Version
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If you have ever applied an updated to a WordPress plugin or theme and it broke your website, then this plugin will save the day for you.

I will show you how to roll back any plugin or theme that is available in the WordPress repository.

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    24 replies to "How To Rollback Undo A WordPress Theme Or Plugin To A Prior Version"

    • Oscar Falana


    • mfresh2o

      Thank You so much!… I have been updating my Woocommerce website every time there is an update and last 8/10/19 I updated my Elementor to the latest which is the 2.6.8 and my website crash… so with your tutorial and the recommendation of my hosting company to watch your video… It saved my website. had to rollback to 2.6.5 to make it work and it did…THANK YOU SO MUCH AND MORE POWER TO YOU AND ALL YOUR TUTORIALS.

    • Sam Kulshreshtha

      Bro you did not show how to rollback the THEME using WProllback. My main problem is that only.

    • Zakaria Khaouni

      thank u sir. but you should said that Rollback works just with plugins dowloaded in WP repository at the begining of the video.

    • Mille Kruse

      Thank you for this video! it saved me!!!

    • CanKiwi2

      Thank you. Saved my life. Updated my theme, blew my site presentation away completely. Installed and ran WP Rollback and man, it worked first time. Back to the orignal

    • Balraj Mohandass

      Dear Sir
      I need help from u when i was developing a website all plugins and theme got deactivated can we reinstall back those plugin and theme its from wordpress pls guide me how to do

    • Sanket Singh

      This broke my site, all my dashboard is blank now , help!!

    • Mr Imaginativ3

      Do you know how pretentious and annoying to have your face looming over every video you upload?

    • TheProcess Life

      What if I accidentally deleted a plug-in…can I use this to restore

    • Emre vamp

      wow thank you man !!!

    • JC Nation

      Thank You Sir, You are a Life Saver.

    • João Rodrigues

      well thank you so much. My backoffice went all blank xD and the site 2. thank you very much!

    • Zahid ali Khan

      Hi Adam. I am a starter and just developed my first site after 15 days of hard work. This morning while doing some R&D, i installed a new theme and it changed my website completely. Pls suggest how do I go back to me previous website?.
      Thanks in advance.

    • knowledge steez eduhub llp

      Listen..I just imported content from another website and its changed and erased all the content i had created on my own do I reverse this?Please help

    • Maria Rodriguez

      Is there any way I can get a hold of you by email?

    • The Golden Woman

      YOOOOO You Save Me Money And Time I Call Word Press Customer Service Number To Help Me And They Tried To Charge Me A High Price To Change My Theme Back… Thank You For This Video

    • Minhaj Imam

      Rollback of customising theme or WordPress built-in theme

    • Jan Böttner

      I make a wordpress update. And it crush my site. Can i use it and go back. My English is not so good sorry.

    • Pănuță Liviu

      Good video but to long 😀

    • Iran Lawrence

      Yes, yes, yes! What a life savor. Thank you for this awesome advice. I was a bout to throw the baby out with the bath water. What a relief! God bless.

    • Søren Grooss

      How do i Rollback a WordPress Theme ??

    • Rahul Makhija

      Thanks! Just saved my ass with respect to the new All in one wp migration plugin.

    • Smart Factory Solutions

      hi, If I don't know the previous version of the plugin. So how to find that old version of that plugin.

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