Trying to figure out how to run a split test on Thrive Themes and WordPress? This video shows you how to setup your split test with Google Analytics Experiments.

UPDATE! I no longer use this method… I now use the following method to split test my landing pages and sales pages:

UPDATE: There is a new and easier way to run your A/B Split Tests Inside Of WordPress With Thrive Themes! This video shows how:

Running split tests is the most important step in optimizing your sales funnel for conversions. This is the core of conversion rate optimization!

Following along with our Clickfunnels alternative build out (that you can follow along with from this post: ) you need the ability to run your split tests quickly and efficiently.

This video shows you the exact method to creating and running your split tests with Google Analytics’ free tool called Experiments.

I show you where to put the analytics code, how to set it up in analytics and then we look at an active split test I’m running so you can see how to read and interpret the data and results from your split test.

    15 replies to "How To Run A Split Test On Thrive Themes With Google Analytics Experiments – DIY Sales Funnel #8"

    • Edward Booth

      Hi Miles,
      How does Thrive Optimise compare to using Google for Split Testing? Would you advise the same as in the video…. Stick with the google split testing??

    • Douglas Owusu

      Hey Miles, Could you explain how to add a FAQ section to a Thrive Architect designed page?

    • Blendlogic

      Good stuff, just watched your SEO video because I am basically teaching my client (coaching) the same research methodology you just posted. Now I gotta tell them about split testing :p

      I see alot of people using Thrive, any experience with Divi? That is my go to theme. Wondering if you have used it

    • Douglas Owusu

      Hey Miles, could you make a video on running split tests with Google Optimize and setting up the Optimize container ID with the Google Analytics Global Site Tag, gtag.js, instead of the Classic Analytics Support?? I'm having a bit of trouble setting it up because googles now provides the Global Site Tracking code when you search for what your tracking code is, and can't use the Classic Tracking Code because Google Optimize is not compatible with Classic Tracking Code. With the way you explain things, it'll become crystal clear!

    • Rahul Parmar

      Hi Miles, have you tried Thrive Optimize? Thrive says it works seamlessly with Thrive Architect and no code to install. Sounds easier than Google? Thanks!

    • Bible Of Bodybuilding

      Hi miles what's your opinion on how long I should run the split tests? 1 week? 2 weeks?
      And what is the next course of action after picking the winning landing page?

    • Georg Fasching - Team Genius
    • Michael Fresh Belief

      The one thing I can't work out is how to start the AB split test.

      I want to have one link which divides the traffic 50/50.

      So link
      This link will send 50% of the traffic to lander A and 50% of the traffic to lander B.

      How do I do this?

    • Derrest Williams

      How does the traffic get split between the pages?

    • ThinkQuickTech

      Are you still using Thrive themes? I am looking for in WordPress but I am unable to find it.

    • Jack K

      Great video Beck. New Sign Off – "This is Miles Beckler and you just had your ears banged". I'll keep working on it.

    • Marek Hozák

      Hi Miles, thanks for all the information you are constantly giving us! Would you mind helping me with an issue I am facing at the moment regarding GA and FB statistics? The point is that FB show me completely other reports (link clicks) than is a total number of visits on GA. I know all the theory behind it – GA uses other methods of measuring, link clicks may not mean that the user got to the website etc. But I need to solce this and am searching for a help for a long time. :/ After I have been watching your videos, you are my hope. Have you ever been facing this issue? Is there any practical solution?

    • John M

      Never mind, Miles…found the links.

    • John M

      Can you list your affiliate links for Thrive, hosting, etc. so you get paid for all your great work.

    • Jorden Bench

      Miles I have question for you. I used clickfunnels and loved it since I could see my stats and numbers dashboard all inside clickfunnels. However I have moved to Thrive Themes and have been on it for over a year now. And I love it. The only thing I don't like how its hard to track all my funnel stats.

      I have tried a plugin called WP Metrics but it seems buggy and couldn't get it work right.

      What do you use to track all your stats?

      And is there anyway to see it all in a dashboard view like how clickfunnels is set up. Would love to hear your feedback or see a video on how you set up all your tracking using wordpress and thrive themes.

      Thanks for all your content. I have found a ton a value from them.

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