The conversion API is a new way to send Facebook events into the FB ad system. You might have done this via the normal Facebook pixel, but how can you send data from places where you can’t install a pixel, like on a Google form?

In this video, Cedric Potvin from Vertex Marketing Agency is going to show us how to do it using Zapier.


00:00 – Intro
00:53 – Creating a Zap and adding a trigger
02:08 – Submitting timestamp
02:43 – Sending information to Facebook Conversion API
04:16 – Zapier timestamp best practices
06:21 – Connect Events Manager to Zapier
07:54 – Assign Form Fields to the event
09:49 – Test your Zap & Activate
11:26 – Summary

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    15 replies to "How to Send Facebook Pixel Events via the Conversion API (Using Zapier)"

    • MeasureSchool

      There are so many more ways of using the FB conversion API other than with Google Forms. Which are you using?

    • Danny

      After connecting Zapier do we remove Shopify to avoid duplicate conversions?

    • kirin yang

      The test in zapier says that it is running correctly but I don't see any test data in my events manager. Please help!

    • Olivier - Coach Webmarketing

      Thank you for this tutorial.
      I exactly did what you explained.
      But when I try to trigger an event with zapier (with the Test Event Code) :
      1/ Zapier tells me that an event has been sent …
      2/ nothing happens facebook side.

      Do you know why ?

      Thank you

    • Christian Kraus

      What can I do if the pixel from my customer doesnt show up? The Pixel is shared to my account

    • Alex Velazquez

      What would you do if the event im using doesnt have a time reported on it?

    • Bjoernus

      Can you use this or similar to go around the current iOS14 problem?

    • Jeffrey Leong

      Hey Julian,

      Thanks for putting up this video! been really helpful so far.
      I have a question here on the EventID and i've been searching high and low for answers on this.

      1. Is EventID a unique string where we can just insert ourselves or is there anywhere where we retrieve the eventID from?
      2. Does this EventID have to be different for different purchases? (dynamic) or is it a constant value through all purchases?

      Really hope that you'll be able to provide me with some answers on this. Thanks!

    • Dustin Rowe

      The test in zapier says that it is running correctly but I don't see any test data in my events manager. please help!

    • J F

      Can I use the GA + Zapier integration to send data to Facebook Conversion API?

    • Thijmen C

      Interesting, thanks! Would you guys please consider to make one with de-duplicated events? I’d like to send both to make sure Facebook is getting the most conversions as possible. But I’m not able to use a unique event ID (same for normal conversions and server side)

    • Laurent Fintz

      Thanks for the video ! Awesome content. Quick question though is it legally OK to send email address uncrypted ?

    • Guilherme Mendes

      Oh, God. It's extremely friendly and easy to use that Zapier. Very Good Tutorial 🙂

    • Carlos Severo

      Could you please make a video on How to Set Up Facebook Conversion API with Google Tag Manager?

    • Guilherme Lopes

      Nice and simple video! How will Facebook match this data to an user if the user files the data for another person?

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