In this video I show you a fast an easy way to set up and install the Facebook Pixel.

To get the most out of Facebook Ads, you need to install the Facebook Pixel the right way…

That means installing Facebook Pixel base code on your entire website and Facebook Pixel events on specific pages.

It’s not as difficult as you think and even if you have no technical expertise you can set up and install the Facebook Pixel in less than 10 minutes.

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    28 replies to "HOW TO SET UP & INSTALL THE FACEBOOK PIXEL IN 2021"

    • Ben Heath


      Check out the new video for fully updated step-by-step instructions, including the extra steps you need to take post iOS 14.

    • Noor Bilal

      Hey ben. Thank you for this video. I wanted to ask is it necessary to have a website? what if we are only a business running its page on insta and facebook? and we choose the event as whatsapp or messenger.

    • Pamela Zeidman

      Do you need a separate pixel on a landing page if the URL is different from the main website?

    • Mk Qian

      hi, would be great if you can reduce or move your face somewhere as i cant see those menu behind it.

    • muammer Altunkan

      Nice video Thank you :))

    • Manish Burse

      How can this be a 2021 related as it was uploaded in 2019, The pixels are gone far ahead in progress

    • Stephen Parkinson

      This just helped me tons. I'll be joining the Facebook Ads Insiders group next month for sure 💪

    • Coach Taher

      PLEASE create the new video and also create a video about how to install pixel using FB API

    • Coach Taher

      it's not 2021 out dated

    • Małgorzata Ryś

      Hi Ben, thank you for this detailed tutorial! However I have a question according a new domain with existing FB pixel. I have a FB pixel on my old domain for a year and now I will be moving to a new domain, but I would like to keep my FB pixel and the data. What is the best approche to not loose the settings and data from FB pixel? I hope I will not have to create new FB pixel for the new domain and start from 0. Thank you in advance!

    • Hugo Valderrama

      really helpfull Ben!!!

    • Shoaib Hassan

      Voice level is low in this video

    • Dr. Austin Blanchon

      Is the generate acess token necessary for analayzing ads on facebook

    • Heath Ramsey

      @Ben Heath great videos, thanks for putting out such helpful info. If you are marketplace and need to advertise to both vendors and buyers, would you suggest having two pixels to segment each customer type?

    • Michael Odesanmi

      The video was definitely helpful. Thanks a lot!


      Thankyou You made this video so clear and concise and removed the confusion of setting up the FB Pixel.
      and how it works.

    • FINISHyou - فنش يو

      great video but if I have a simple bridge page to an affiliate product, what should I choose in the conversion event? purchase or view content? and also do I need to change the code in the header to "purchase" instead of a page view, or just adding a new line with "purchase"

    • Patrice BUCYANA

      Great Video!! What if i don't have a wordpress website??

    • Maria Torres

      Very Helpful especially for new entrepreneurs doing it all. You made this simple and effortless, thank you!

    • yogesh8768

      Hello Ben I Setup All Events Through GTM. Working smoothly Now I want to Setup (for Backup if fb Ban that account) Fb Pixel Plugin With Another Ad Manager Account. Any Duplicate Events issue will came

    • Reon Technologies

      Thanks Ben for your support. It worked great..Very informative.

    • Mark Dawson

      You need to update this video. The layout for ads manager has changed. Mine's look different and some of these options are no longer there.

    • Mia Gordon

      You were a big help! Thank you 🙏🏾

    • Richard Parker Texas Realtor

      you need to do another one where we can see your screen everything you did is not there anymore facebook keep changing everything

    • Anirban Roy Chowdhury

      The video is helpful. I got a question. I created a business manager account. I could share all my access but not the pixel. I've to create a separate pixel for it. I just got confused. Can you suggest me something.

    • Ussama BinMiskeen

      the video is in 2019 you sneaky

    • Angie Green

      Very helpful, I now have my pixel activated! Thank you, YouTube Hero!

    • Konrad Geyser

      Thanks Ben. Your Youtube Videos make it so easy – like Facebook advertising for dummies

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