Setting up correct meta tags in WordPress is an important part of search engine optimization (SEO). Luckily, the All in One SEO Pack plugin simplifies the setup and shows you an example of your site may show up on search engines. This video shows you how to set your homepage meta for a static page and for your latest posts. Below is an outline of the steps.
1. In the WordPress dashboard click “Settings” then “Reading”.
2. If you are set to display your “Latest Posts” click “All in One SEO” then “General Settings”.
3. Scroll down to the “Home Page Settings” section and enter your “Home Title” and “Home Description”.
4. Click the “Update Options” button.
5. If you are using a static front page click “All in One SEO”, then “General Settings”.
6. Scroll down to the “Home Page Settings” section and click the enabled option next to “Use Static Front Page Instead”.
7. Click the “Update Options” button.
Now when you go to “Pages” and “Edit” a page, you will see an All in One SEO section on the bottom where you can fill in your meta “Title and Description”.

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    8 replies to "How to Set your Homepage Meta in WordPress"

    • Bruce Strong

      I just installed this plugin and followed your instructions and it didn't do anything.

    • Apeal Tiwari

      Thank you so much

    • JPC

      Hello, the guy that worked on my website and made a new one, he took out the All In One SEO plugin because I use to be able to do what you are doing, and I can't now because he deactivated that one and put in another that does NOT have you you are showing here…the all in one seo. Do you have to deactivate a plugin before installing a new one? He put one called "Slim SEO" plugin in place of the one mentioned above. Now when I do a search in Google for my website, all the words in the title are not there like before! Someone Please help??!!

    • Traditional Village Life

      Without plugin how could I set Homepage meta description?

    • Craig Matheny

      I wish yo9u would cover all parts of this plug in.

    • Atul Bisht

      Finally, He smiled

    • Ariaria Online

      This video has saved me from a lot of stress
      thanks you guys and the plugin

    • Social Blue Media

      Thanks so much for posting this video! It just saved me a ton of headache on a client's website.

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