In this video you’ll discover how to set up a funnel for a free online course. This funnel allows you to capture emails and to give access to a subscriber restricted course using Thrive Architect and Thrive Apprentice.

    9 replies to "How to Setup a Free Online Course Funnel"

    • Victor Chertkov

      Thank you very much for this very useful video! Right now I am working on creating funnel for a free online course. Thanks once again!

    • Rekha Devi

      Make something optin like

    • Russ Johns

      Is there a way to allow access to the first few videos? A sample of the upcoming lessons?
      Love the videos Hanne. Thank you.

    • My Happy Voice

      Very useful Hanne! Thanks ­čÖé

    • Belleza y Salud Celestial - con Loida

      How can someone login? How do you add that login button to the side of the course or somewhere else so that people can login?

    • Net Income Results

      The title is deceiving. It's not a free online course, have to buy two of your products first.

    • Selbststaendigkite

      Hello Hanne!

      Thanks for the Tutorial!

      Does that mean that we don't need to create free products in Sendowl anymore and use up the free slots within Sendowl?

      That's really cool.

      Thanks for your answer!


      Very good video, I'm creating some free and paid courses and had some doubts that this video ended up clarifying it.

      Thank you Hannah

    • Denis Caron

      Instant Like ­čÖé

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