Learn how to setup a development environment for WordPress for testing and staging your websites. Also, learn how to test beta themes and plugins before they launch.

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Astra https://www.wpcrafter.com/astra

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    26 replies to "How To Setup A WordPress Testing Environment To Test New Plugins & Themes"

    • Chilled Thug Life Potato

      when I try to use dev , it won't enter wordpress install page

    • Kevin Wyatt

      I have a karaoke business. Is there a plugin that will allow me to install a song list (in pdf) so that visitors can search my song list for a particular song or artist? Thanks!!

    • Vishnu Shankar

      I want to purchase the PRO what cost I have to pay for the unlimited websites.

    • Keith Mifsud

      How does the title describe the content of this video? At which point are you setting a testing environment of any sort?

    • Yoda Glemm

      great stuff right here thanks. subbed

    • Ranking Academy

      Hi adam
      I want to change my wordpress theme but I need to update everything in the background first so it doesn't effect the live site then publish the new version live smoothly. What is the best process/plugin to do this? I can't seem to find any clear tutorila on this topic. ANy help would be great. Love your vids BTW

    • Heidi Mason

      Hi Adam… great video lots of useful information I will be subscribing to your channel.

    • Renato J. Leite N.

      Adam it is a great tool! Your contents are simple the best one. I wonder how do I update all the local changes to online (live)? Thanks very much

    • Jeff Kyle

      Thanks for this video. I've been trying out LocalSync and so far, no joy on doing a successful pull from remote to local. It gets to the wp_postmeta SQL table and then starts throwing errors on what looks like most, if not all, of my database tables. One error looks like this: /ls_temp/wp_bsearch-db.sql (ls_temp is a local directory). Makes me wonder if it's having trouble writing to the local ls_temp directory. Tried adjusting connection and chunk settings with no improvement. I've reached out to support for help. Looking forward to your video on LocalSync nonetheless.


      Hi Adam, as always very nice videos. I have an agency and i have learned a lot from you. I have a question that i don't found the answer. After your video i installed local by flywheel, keep in mind that i already used xampp and i didn't unistalled it, all was fine until i tried to set a local site live so that my customer could review it. That link that gave me didn't work. Any ideas of what happened? I appreciate your time. Thank you Michalis from Greece.

    • Nelson Therrien

      I immediately went and download that software (I was using WAMP)… BUT, I don't know if you have the same issue, but it often tells me that my site is not responding after a varying amount of time and even if I interact with the site (i.e. not some kind of sleep mode after a while)… I don't know if it's my anti-virus/protection software that blocks it or if it's something else, but I constantly have to stop the site and restart it… Anyone else experience that?

    • Sacred Walk Home

      Adam, Thank you for this great video. Will you be creating another tutorial using local by flywheel with existing sites in WordPress?

    • Payam Hosseini

      it was a great information, thanks a lot

    • Patricio Silveira

      Love your vídeos. Thanks for the free infomation. Tuneing in from Brasil.

    • John Wagner

      great video watched it 3 times. consider reviewing wp staging. thanks.

    • Kinfovillage Studios

      Adam, Thanks for the great work.
      For years now I have being applying for AdSense but I have been disapproved based on the adsense policy.
      I now open ads on YouTube with just 2 videos while it was approved with an hour.
      But on my WordPress with about 700 post they rejected my application, how can you help please

    • Matthew Scott

      Hey Adam, you've done it again man! Been binge watching my way through your SSL, Security & backup stuff – now this is taking my website development to the next level! Thanks again for your videos. LOVE that you do the hard work sifting through the competition so we don't have to, and present us with the best of the best, and as honest and neutral as you can be!

      Just wanted to ask – The day i signed up and installed local (this week) I got an email from a flywheel employee (i checked their email address, seems legit). They're asking about my hosting solutions, and wondering if they could talk to me. The name they gave of my contact was Zane Mulligan. I know flywheel are doing a whole hosting pack too and wanting to provide a full solution for developers to just 'go live' etc so could well be legit. Have they contacted you too at all? Just working out if it's legitimate! I'll of course be wary about sharing any information etc.

    • Hashim Warren

      Great tip on finding the plugin in github

    • Donna Maria

      thanks Adam your are awesome I am always learning good things with you. Hope all is well with you and your. blessings

    • Piyush Agarwal

      Hey Adam…!!! Awesome work like always….I am having a problem…..In the woocommerce plugin…..In the add new product page…I am getting only two text fields in the price section i.e only ADD EXTERNAL PRODUCT URL and ADD BUTTON TEXT IS THERE…..No Option for regular price and and Sale price….what can i do for this…PLease help….

    • edsblogging. com

      This is an interesting topic in itself. Much underrated for sure. Although not much to do with Elementor. Story would have been stronger without the link with Elementor.

    • ketan chauhan

      Hey i want to say something… I tried to test it in totally new site wich i created from scratch… When i try to upload elementor 1.8.0 it automatically revert to elementor 1.7.12 on its last stable version.. so i have to first enable beta tester mode then it allows me to install 1.8.0 rc1..

    • Ian Bowden

      Oooh! Got all excited about Local and LocalSync – two utilities that I could really use – then got bummed to learn that the Windows version of LocalSync isn't available yet.

      Thanks for the video, Adam. Always informative.

    • Anh Vũ Đức

      So great <3 really like this video. I usually xampp. It heavy if I have many site. Let's me try. 🙂

    • ketan chauhan

      Great info.. love it..
      One question which is best and fast for local.. local by flywheel or serverpress??? Both is your recommendation…

    • Pranit Dubey

      Is inmotion hosting good because I seen review about many people saying there site is getting down many times and bad hosting and what about siteground hosting? Reply Bro

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