Optimizepress is an excellent Theme/Plugin for WordPress that allows you to create your own lead pages, membership site and more.
In this video, I’ll show how to do the initial setup.

Let me know if you have any questions.


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    8 replies to "How To: Setup Optimizepress Beginner Tutorial 2017"

    • Mukesh Sharma

      yeah very awesome video

    • Carl Heaton

      Great video mate

    • Rasta Populo

      hello . on optimizemember : when a custumer who have acces to a product 1 and 5(for exemple) buy an other product (the 3 for exemple) how Can he go from the first statut to the second one? does he have to use an other password at each Time h├ę buy a new product?

    • NightBitFire

      I've 9 publishers key for optimizepress theme and plugin , anybody interested can get one key at $25 and all 9 for $150, contact me niraj2041atgmaildotcom

    • Tasvir Mahmood

      Too fast man, good video though

    • Bene88

      Is it possible to add more than only one Video?

    • sandeep singh

      now days autoresponder like get response provide the built in opt-in pages. isn't it better

    • Cari-Lee Stevens

      Paul, thanks for this video. It was quick but I was surprised how I was able to follow along with a lot of it. Now I am going to look for your hay fever video!

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