Wishlist member is a powerful, yet easy to use membership plugin. Here is my guide on how to properly setup the wishlist member plugin and its settings.

Hey and welcome back to How To Create A Membership Site With Zero Coding. This is Part Number 6, How To Set Up Wish List Member for your membership site. Now WishList Member is the membership plugin that is going to give you all the functionality you need for your membership site. You will be able to control who can access your content. You will be able to manage your members, all of that sort of good stuff. This requires you to have already completed stage 1 and created a website. If you have not done that, go back and do that.

So first, I want to quickly talk about why I recommend WishList Member. And truthfully let me tell you that I do have some bias because I have been using WishList Member for 2 years and never has it actually failed to give me what I need for my membership site. I have tried a couple of others in that time ÔÇô I think PilotPress, which integrated with Ontraport and that pissed me off because people could not choose their own passwords.

I also tried Paid Membership Pro but that annoyed me because I could not set up free registration accounts and it just looked horrible and so I have tried a couple but there are over 45 different plugins out there and I have not tried them all. But I have tried WishList Member and I am going to base the tutorial off this because I know how to use it, I know that it works and I am happy to recommend it. So you can go out there and you can Google membership plugins for WordPress and you can try the others if you want or you can simply use WishList Member which is what I will be doing in this video and the rest of this series.


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    • Pamela Starr

      Much more helpful than the Wishlist Member video tutorials. Thanks!

    • Darrell Lloyd

      Hey for some reason my emails are not being sent out after registering to membership area,,,Can anybody help me with this?

    • BizLoanConsultants.com

      Hi, and thanks for all of your help. I am having a very hard time with my registration form showing up on a page that has my website menu, my header (with logo) and a bunch of other items I do not want to appear on the registration page. How can I delete these items from the registration page?

    • Maisie Mercer

      Hi just wanted to ask you a quick question Ive been to wish list members site but cant find a contact form to contact them the question is with the memberships they offer you get 1 years support and updates if your year runs out do they still update so it dosent stop working properly when wordpress is updated I hope I made this clear thank Richard

    • Investing area

      Very interesting, thank you.

    • Anthony Griffin

      Thanks for the info Pelt, this was just the information I needed to set up my membership site. Great content!!!

    • Jane Anderson

      Thank you for creating, GOLD!

    • The Content Factory

      OMG. This is 1000x better an easier to follow that the support materials that Wishlist has on their site. Thank you for doing this.

    • Muhammad Hassan

      Amazing Videoes – Do you use Cmatasia to recors your Vids – Could you share your Video making and Audio tools ?

    • Viktoriya Dolomanova

      so happy I found your videos!! Thanks a ton!!

    • Kayla Michelle

      THANK YOU for recording this ­čÖé saved my sanity

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