Increase the load speed of your WordPress website using WP Super Cache. A highly used WordPress plugin to increase the speed of you website. I show you how to install WP Super Cache and configure it in a way that it increases the speed of your website!

    14 replies to "How To Speed Up Your WordPress Website"

    • Annemieke van Leest-Ehlers

      Hoi Ferdy, kun je please ook een tutorial maken over WordPress en AMP? En hoe voorkom je dat je een Google black hat krijgt hiervoor (omdat je een kopie publiceert). Ik kijk er naar uit!!

    • Brandon Awrey

      Thanks boss! Best and quickest way for speeding up your WordPress websites. Had 1 page go from 7 seconds loading time to 1.5 seconds with a 91% page speed score.

    • Josphat Mungai

      hello can you speed up my blog using another trick coz this did not work for mine

    • Павел Венков

      For me Autoptimise plugin works nearly 2 times better then Super Cache

    • Oman BCD

      excellent Tips

    • Technical Keni

      Superb thnku

    • Sue Thomson

      Thank you so much for you very informative video as always … God bless you in all that you do

    • Burhan Mazumder

      thank u so much Fredy. god bless u.

    • Gina Anagnostopoulou

      It actually slowed down my site. I had to remove it. I suppose it works in some cases but not for all websites.

    • Francisco Araujo

      didn't work for me, loading speed still the same

    • Website Right

      I have done an up to date video on the same topic on my channel, however I recommended Fastest Cache over Super Cache – having said that, all of these WP tips are still spot on! Great video! Clear & concise!

    • Ranit Rajwal

      Does it still work?

    • Ricky Curioso

      I am really surprese!! it works perfect, it is loading much faster, THANKS A LOT!

    • Mostafa

      it worked like a charm ,thanks

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