This tutorial will be for beginners who are brand new, advanced users who want to learn about additional features, or users who would like a refresher on features and functionality.

0:00:00 How To Start an E-Training Business – Tutorial For Beginners
0:01:37 01 – Course Overview.mp4
0:04:07 02 – Creation of the Main Opt-In Page.mp4
0:07:15 03 – Creation of the Thank You Page.mp4
0:11:00 04 – Setting Up Your Viral Application.mp4
0:14:51 05 – Setting Up Your Viral Application.mp4
0:18:16 06 – Setting Up Your Viral Application – Part 3.mp4
0:21:35 07 – Setting Up Your Viral Application.mp4
0:24:48 08 – Set Up the Free Offer.mp4
0:28:23 09 – Offer Set Up for The Upsell.mp4
0:31:26 10 – Offer Set Up for Free and Physical.mp4
0:34:59 11 – Set Up Your Webinar Page.mp4
0:36:39 12 – Set Up Go To Webinar.mp4
0:38:48 13 – Set Up For Zoom and Social Media.mp4
0:42:07 14 – Set Up Your E-Mail Additions.mp4
0:45:18 15 – Create Your Weekly Announcement On Canva.mp4
0:46:35 16 – Pre Workshop Notifications.mp4
0:48:09 17 – Workshop Delivery.mp4
0:50:57 18 – Post Workshop Notifications.mp4
0:52:27 19 – Workshop Replay Activity – Part 1.mp4
0:55:04 20 – Processing the Replay.mp4
1:00:30 21 – Follow Up with E-Mail.mp4

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    • Mishti Kothari

      Just let me watch Miraculous ladybug! I'm trying to watch it, and this pops up! ­čśş

    • Thomas Anstey

      This is smart ­čĺ░! The part at 1:12 is my fav. This lesson for sure is like the channel of Doctor Jarvee Adi. She is an expert in social media automation and I actually applied a lot of these tips for my business.

      You should really check out her content out and give Instagram Expert a follow! #GrowOnInstagramAdi

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