#1 Secret How to stop spam signups and fake signups. How to stop bots
from spamming my signup form. (No plugin or code needed)

Are you getting alot of spam signups and fake signups?

In this video I am going to show you how I went from getting over
100 fake/spam signups per DAY to my newsletter to less than 2 per WEEK.

How do I identify spambot signups?
I will tell you in the end of this video.

After using this technique the spam signups dropped to almost nothing.

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Tools that I use:
(These are affiliate links, I get paid a commission if you pay for an account using these links)

Website builder and landing page builder I use is OptimizePress.
I think OptimizePress is the easiest way to build a website and landing page EVER!
There is no need for coding.

Try OptimizePress here:

The autoresponder I use is AWeber, try it here:

Recording software I use is
Screencast-o-matic, try it here:

I no longer use the hosting company seen in this video, I use NameCheap instead,
it is cheaper but still has all the things that I need.
I use the “Stellar Plus” hosting package.
(You can also buy a domain from them.)

Signup for NameCheap here:

If you have any tutorial suggestions just add it in the comment section below. ūüôā

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