If you want greater control of WordPress FTP is the best protocol for managing and uploading files to your pages. While you can complete these actions from the WordPress admin area, for manual file management, troubleshooting, and fixing common errors, FTP protocol is essential.

Although Finder does work with FTP, it just supports read-only mode, so you won’t be able to upload or modify the files on your site. By using a dedicated FTP client, on the other hand, you can manage every aspect of your WordPress site with complete control over your file assets. A good FTP client can also offer extra functionality that makes all your file management more efficient.

For a total FTP to WordPress solution, choose Commander One, now available at our lowest price when you take advantage of our 20% discount code offer – Comm1YT20 – to purchase a Commander One license at https://ftp-mac.com/

Commander One provides all the functionality you need for an FTP client WordPress users have been waiting for. Commander One mounts your FTP server in Finder as if it were a local drive, letting you seamlessly manage your WordPress server and transfer files from your local device. The connections manager lets you access multiple servers at once, allowing you to copy, edit and upload files with complete ease.

Commander One also lets you view hidden files, bookmark folders, queue file operations, and more. Moreover, Commander One is compatible with a range of other protocols, extensions, and cloud storage services, to offer users a comprehensive suite of file management functions to meet all their needs. Once you know how to FTP into WordPress with Commander One, you’ll see why it’s the best FTP app available.

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