In this week’s Workshop Wednesday, it’s a “Getting Started” topic. This time, it’s all about the easiest way to use Google Tag Manager with your WordPress site!

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    2 replies to "How to Use Google Tag Manager with WordPress"

    • András Mádi-Szabó

      Hi! Wow, I learned much more from this than I thought I would. What wasn't clear though: Is there a reason you use both, Divi and Elementor, or is it just for educational purposes showing the case with no integration feature?

    • pranav madan

      Hi Sir… I am using Wordfencesecurity plugin along with Insert Header and Footer Plugin. When i pasted the codes in respective Head and body section of Insert Header and Footer Plugin, wordfence blocked access to my site unless i clicked on false positive option while confirming me as the admin. Do these two plugins counter act each other?

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