DEALS… These codes expire at the end of January 2019 – so go and use them ASAP!!!

If you attended live then you know about the deals, but if you did not, then here they are…

25% off Client Portal – $149 (down from $199) – Code: WPB-Jan19

25% off Project Pack – $74.25 (down from $99) – Code: WPB-Jan19

Bundle Deal:
Single site + Project Pack: $199 (down from $298) – Code: WPB-Bundle-1
Multisite + Project Pack: $349 (down from $498) – Code: WPB-Bundle-2

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In this webinar, Laura Elizabeth, the founder of Client Portal, will walk you through how you can use the WordPress plugin to make your client interactions easier.

Client Portal allows you to set up an online area where your clients can some and see the progress of their project.

The beauty of Client Portal is the fact that it makes no assumptions. You can make it anything that you like, and it’s really easy to make it exactly the way that you like it.

Join Laura Elizabeth as she explains how Client Portal can transform the way that you work with your clients.

    2 replies to "How to use the Client Portal WordPress plugin to have happier clients"

    • Felice Kimbrew

      So would this essentially be just for web design? What about photographers, videographers? ETC?

    • WP Builds

      The proposal app was Nusii.

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