How to use the ESA S630 Touch Control Panel

Here we demonstration how to use the new ESA 560 Touch Screen, 19-inch control. To start I’d like to do a numerical program. This will be a new program. First, we put the width of the plate to be folded. Second, is the thickness. The tensile strength of the top of the material. We have a tooling library full of thousands of tools but for the moment we will look at the multi-V, choice of V’s. Double tap the icon and then choose the one you want out of the section of V’s available. Choose the top tools, standard 1010. The angle to be folded. Backgauge setting to be folded.

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    4 replies to "How to use the ESA S630 Touch Control Panel FAQ"

    • Saravanan Sacs

      Is esa s630 control 4+1 axis???

    • Radosav Stanic

      Is it posible to do the drawing in autocad and putiti im this unit by usb drive?

    • Mike

      thanks for the upload, my old amada promecam has been updated to this box today (actually the ESA s640 but would imagine the software to be at least similar if not the same)…using your vid to get a head start Monday, ty ?

    • Ziba Valipour kutenaie

      what;s the ch0061 ch0 file access error?

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