After 4 years of OptimizePress I’m calling it quits. The plug-in continues to fall short of what it could be and is now causing serious problems on our sites. The only good news in this is you’ll have a better solution because we are testing other funnel software stacks….Plus I’ll show you how to hire a WordPress developer in just a few minutes.
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I’m done with OptimizePress // Hire a Web Developer | Aspire 143

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    7 replies to "I'm Done with OptimizePress // Hire a Web Developer | Aspire 143"

    • @JasonAWhaling

      Are you having any problems with OptimizePress? Comment below with the problem or solutions you use for your Funnels instead of OptimizePress.

    • @TawnyaKordenbrock

      Thanks for this info Jason. I use Smart Theme and Optimize Member. I’ve been wracking my brain trying to figure out how I could switch to something else. It is really, really slow and has been causing a lot of problems. Unfortunately, I just paid for another year.

    • @Primeonlinesearch

      Hey, is this the new OptimizePress 3.0 ? And what problems are/were you having you don't mention that?

    • @novpaco

      Please speak about that wide monitor.

    • @EntreMaster

      How about I build you a WordPress version of HubSpot for Inbound Marketing purposes?

    • @DrKazAstro

      Sorry to hear about optimise press – Glad you’re going to thrive
      I’ve just built a nice site with architect based on one of your reviews and apprentice is fairly straightforward as well. I am stuck with the next site because I want to use an envato theme for event management but it doesn’t read with architect just elementor and we bakery build. There are no prebuilt themes out there for thrive unfortunately. I’ve decided to stick with thrive though. They have some exciting things coming and look to be investing a lot in development and releasing more features.

    • @BerlinGonzalez

      I wonder if you can give (sell) a formula to get more subs here in YouTube. I do like your content. What’s the best way to make $$ online?

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