The Ask Formula is so hot right now. Here’s how to set up a Deep Dive Survey with Gravity Forms.

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    6 replies to "Implementing the Ask Formula "Deep Dive Survey" with Gravity Forms"

    • daniel wymer

      How can I send an automatic email customized to the result of the survey?

    • Londya England

      What if you are creating a type of assessment? Is there a way to add the scores of each individual submission together and show the results to the participant?

    • NatureGlo's eScience

      Might you create the video on how to do the buckets or segmentation funnel using Gravity forms? I thought I heard you would have a follow-up video to this. I'm going through the Ask Method class and I know I'm not going to want to spend $99 – $200 a month for So, implementing Gravity forms would be amazing for the price! I'll be doing the segmenting or buckets lessons next week. I'm guessing the bucket/segmenting can also be easily set up in Gravity Forms, right? Thank you!

    • Rodney Daut

      At first I could not see the formulas. But then I switched the resolution of the video to HD and I was able to see them. Thought I'd mention that for anyone who has trouble seeing the formulas.

    • Lisa Martin

      Thank you. Super helpful.

    • Brian Hood

      fantastic video. This is the first video I've seen that actually solved the issue of getting survey data/tags into active campaign.

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