Not everyone knows this, but OptimizePress has always had membership features built into it. The release of OptimizePress 2.0 made some nice enhancement to it. It now has an HTTP interface that can be called by Infusionsoft campaigns to control access and auto drip content.

This video tutorial gives an overview of the solution describing the Infusionsoft campaign that drives the solutions, the HTTP interface between Infusionsoft and OptimizePress via the OptimizeMember plugin. It shows how email welcome messages can be customized and content dripped over time.


Jorge Lazaro Diaz is president and founder of Larry Jacob Internet Marketing. He’s an Infusionsoft Certified Consultant and a Memberium Certified Implementation Partner. He hosts his video blogs / podcasts, “Defining Infusionsoft Success” and “Transforming Small Business Thinking.”

He runs a digital marketing agency meeting the Infusionsoft membership website needs of Keap and Infusionsoft by Keap users. He and his team have developed extensive expertise building Infusionsoft powered membership sites having developed extensive expertise using systems like Memberium, AccessAlly, WPFusion, WishList Member.

Jorge and his team have a real passion for working with owner-led businesses, working to leave them feeling empowered and confident about their future.

Jorge and his team of membership site specialist can be reached at +1.305.998.6860 or via their website at


    5 replies to "Infusionsoft / OptimizePress / OptimizeMember Solution Overview"

    • Dr. Maggie Luther

      Hello Jorge.  Thanks for posting this tutorial.  Inside Infusionsoft, what settings are you using for the decision diamonds in this campaign?

    • Grant Eagle

      Hi Jorge…. can I ask what you would do inside Infusionsoft if you wanted to offer level 1 or a package and then upsell to access of another level or another package??

    • Aliv Jauad

      This is a nice tutorial. It will be better if you show us how to create pages under membership level.

    • Premiership Business

      Nice Video Jorge, I'll give your tips a go and let you know if I can get it to work! Cheers

    • Together We Empower You

      I loved your video.  I have been trying to figure out how to integrate payment with Infusionsoft and OptimizePress.  Can you have payment regular order form on Infusionsoft and then use this method to connect to OptimizePress member or is there another step.  I am stuck in the middle of launch waiting for support to respond.

      Maria Elena

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