Joomla! Update from 3.1 to 3.2 Fatal Error Remember.php
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by Golfo Media – Chicago Web Design and Development

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    • Rodolfo Albuquerque

      Hey, buddy, I started to do what you said and it was working for me in the beginning. But when I try to access "Extensions" > "Extensions Manager" I got the same error page. It's not a blank page how it was for you, it's a: Server Error 500 with a sad face. Not Internal Server Error, just Server Error.

      If You can help me anyway, I will be so grateful. Thank you!!

    • Raghu Kalra

      Hi, I am getting an error again for Joomla.php . after following the same process I was able to reach the administrator but getting this message when I go from Extension manager>Database ::: 1146 Table 'exper_jmln3.joom_content_types' doesn't exist SQL=SHOW COLUMNS IN `joom_content_types` WHERE field = 'content_history_options' ::: Please help, unable to find a solution

    • Ante Maric

      Omg omg omg… You are so great, thank you very much man you are awsome…I'm so so happy..Good luck in next work

    • Julie DePrada

      Thank you so much! I spent all day yesterday trying to undo what I had done with the upgrade. I had almost gave up and decided to try one more google search for help and found your video. I almost cried when my site came back up. Thank you so much!

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