In this video I show you what your sales or affiliate pages can look like if you use leadpages to design and integrate with your CRM system. For Questions or orders: or via my website:

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    5 replies to "Leadpage Tutorial"

    • Plants Not Perfection

      Nice work! Would love more info on the integration of automation emails and paypal ­čÖé

    • 0254MZ36_5!&*

      If u could do a video showing how you get a video background on your landing page I will be very happy and will subscribe.

    • Shirley Salau

      Loved the tutorial. Thank yo.

    • Perry Tinsley

      Thanks for this Jenna! I love the Drag & Drop, but hard to find many of the things the standard version showed. I'm off to test out what I learned from you! Wish me luck! ­čÖé

    • Djehuti Ausar Ra

      My LeadBox isn't popping up

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