It’s another landing page software showdown! OptimizePress is better than Leadpages and here are 5 reasons why.

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1) One Stop Shop
2) Faster Builder
3) Membership Sites
4) Control
5) Pricing

This is the second video in the Leadpages vs OptimizePress sales funnel software showdown. Round 1 went to Leadpages with a huge template library and fast loading speed. You can check out round 1 in the link above to see how Leadpages is better than OptimizePress.

In this landing page software review you’ll learn why OptimizePress 2.0 is the best landing page software between in the Leadpages vs optimizepress debate. This is a review and comparison of these two landing page services for capturing leads online.

One of the most common questions when it comes to the Leadpages vs OptimizePress debate is control and ownership. While many of the features are neck and neck, after the price difference, it can become a “”hosted page builder”” vs “”wordpress page builder.””

Unlike the last OptimizePress vs Leadpages software review, this will be taken into account since it’s play such a big role in OptimizePress coming out on stop. It’s hard to compare Leadpages vs optimizepress: strengths and weaknesses without considering control as a factor.

While the other 4 points in the video review are important; control of landing pages and hosting is something that is too often over looked. Your business is all digitial which means you should have control over all of your assets. Imagine being a trucking company that didn’t own any trucks. What would you do if all of sudden your supplier didn’t want to rent to you anymore?

Silly, yes. Yet, this is exactly what happens when you choose Leadpages over OptimizePress. Your giving away control of your core revenue generating asset to another company. So watch this Leadpages vs OptimizePress software showdown and decided for yourself!

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    4 replies to "Leadpages Vs OptimizePress Top 5 Reasons OptimizePress Is Better Sales Funnel Review + Demo)"

    • Steve Kabeya

      I am completely new to the online business and that video helps me a lot to make my mind up. Will definitely go for Optimizepress. Thank you for your video, Jason.

    • Lisa Pecunia

      While I love Optimize Press, their theme pretty much sucks. It's very constrictive and the featured image doodad is terrible.

    • Daily Offices

      love your reviews, keep it up

    • Julia A.

      Hi Jason, can i please have your opinion on this sales funnel franchise made by Jason and James for AU$4500. He put ad on facebook about sales funnel. This franchise will give me up to 25 different business type so i can provide leads to business owners. My questions:
      1. Is this worth $4500? I really want to learn sales funnel from the expert and really make it work.
      2. He said that once it's running a business owner is willing to pay to get leads for min $700/month. Does that make sense? I;m a small business owner myself and thinking that i won't spend that much money a month to get leads unless if it's like lawyer or any other medium to upper business which they'd probably would have set up different type of marketing. I only pay $5/lead for my own business so far.
      3. What are the cons about sales funnel? the competitors, and everything else i need to know.

      Thank you for your honest videos all this time. I look forward to your advice.


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