I’m a big fan of both. In this showdown it’s Leadpages vs WordPress. What tool is the best for your business? I’m trying to ask myself this question after many years of working with both tools. Giving you an Leadpages review and walktrough of both. 

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    4 replies to "Leadpages Vs WordPress — What’s the best choice for your situation?"

    • Rogier·live

      Hope this one was helpful guys — Curuious what systems appeals to you the most and why, let me know in the comments 🙌

    • Drost Video

      I primarily use wordpress fr websites and the thrice architect plugin for customized landing pages

    • Karly Ellis

      I use WordPress for my main website and Leadpages for individual campaigns as it's so easy to use. I've not actually tried Elementor yet but really should!

    • Lizzz.Bet

      I’m an Elementor user, never even heard of Lead Pages 🙈 I’m glad I stuck to it and figured it out, I’m not an expert but I love how customizable it is! ❤️ Great Comparison!

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