Multi video tutorial walking users through launching and optimizing a website for visitors as well as the search engines. This video covers usage of the Yoast SEO plugin.

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    • Salbin Sajan

      Waste of time :/

    • Stan D

      Can I hire you to help me?

    • Ryan Stranahan

      skip to 4:30 to actually hear what this video is about.

    • khem raj rai

      Thank you for good information. 8:56 I found you have different types of sitemap like post-sitemap.xml, page-sitemap.xml, category-sitemap.xml, author-sitemap.xml, video-sitemap.xml, is there any advantages of using such sitemap, if yes how to create sitemap like yours? but I use sitemap.xml in my site.

    • Koko Corui

      yoast destroy lot of my websites. for real

    • Koko Corui

      yoast is a bullshit. if you usethis you never have rankings in google

    • Christina Haxton

      I've installed Yeost, configured it easily and even optimized a couple of older posts on my blog. However, I can't seem to figure out how to now get the Yeost boxes to show up under another post I'd like to optimize. Are they too old? Suggestions?

    • Rudi A

      Zac po omen true worship

    • Dayne Williams

      Hi, I am confused – when I click XML Sitemap button to view my sitemap it redirects me to .com/sitemap_index.xml which turns out to be a 404 error page. Not sure whats going on here.

    • Khandaker Faruk Ahmed

      I have learned some unknown issues from this video. Thanks "Marketing Easy Street". I have subscribed this channel and I just liked it. Bye

    • Bobbie Hennessy

      I liked the video with some reservations about the instructor jumping all over the place! I will watch another one to see if he improves as I know SO little! That is why his teaching style may not be for me since I am so new to Word Press.

    • friendstuner

      Yoast WordPress SEO is the most complete SEO plugin available for WordPress. It offers everything you need to optimize your site.You can optimize your site title,content,meta description,meta keywords,img ALT,sitemap etc.Just order this gig.I will solve this

    • Mitesh Sanghani

      thanks.. nice video…

    • gurmon

      fell asleep !!

    • sanjay basudev

      Really bad tutorial you ddint go through half of the tabs within the different sections

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