As a LifterLMS user, there are 2 big problems that I have experienced and that is what this new free plugin aims to solve.

LifterLMS is great for selling and delivering your courses and this will help boost your course sales while also keeping your secret sauce secret.

It’s available right here, make sure to leave a 5-star review as a way to say thanks:

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    27 replies to "LifterLMS Landing Pages – Free Plugin To Help You Sell Your Courses The Right Way"

    • Roy Zakai

      Hi Adam, my only concern is: How does LIFTERLMS integrate with a sells funnel? For example, an OTO page after the clicking the buy button, cross-sell etc.

    • Marko Prpic Zets

      Great Idea but I don't see the Course Landing Page section anywhere or a dropdown from which I would be able to pick any of the existing Pages/Templates.

    • Chinmoy Acharya

      Sir, Many Many thanks for publishing such types of tutorials for Non-Techies, Just like me. I want to know how to make a simple admin panel for my clients from where He/She can upload through browse button, any pdf or doc files for the viewers of the site, and the viewers will download that.

    • Fred Aebli

      Thank you Adam. I currently LifterLMS integrated with my UDesign theme. I had looked at Astra when I initially purchased LIfterLMS but felt confident enought UDesign would serve my purposes due to flexibility. However, I have a question. I am willing to migrate to Astra but would like to know your approach on the Landing Page concept. WIll Astra provide or what is the best approach to building a landing page with this Custom Template such that is captures a 'signup' whose credentials can be captured and used my LifterLMS? I currently use Mailchimp and have the LifterLMS Mailchimp plugin.

    • The Music Ministry

      Hi Adam, just so I'm clear, Lifter LMS is a free download but you must purchase a $99 add on to actually sell your courses and memberships, correct? Also, I know they have several other add-ons. But I should be able to sell courses and memberships with all the features of most membership platforms with just the e-commerce add-on, right?

    • Stephen Thompson

      I followed your video in 2017 how to build a members website, brilliant. I used the website part, but not the membership part, now i am starting to use that as-well. On the2017 video you recommended to use generate press, which i did. Is it better to use Astra now, so i can keep up with your videos, and use this new plugin to make lifterlms work better? I am very new to developing, so i am nervous to change the theme, as i would of thought that would mess everything up? Am i right, or can i just change over?

    • spleujo

      I must be an idiot Adam. I installed and activated and I don't see any option for a course landing page at the top of the course page.

    • Your Sales Growth

      Did the launch get delayed Adam? Can't seem to find the plugin in the wordpress respository

    • prasanna adhikari

      what is different between wordpress and divi sir

    • Grant Tanner

      Thanks Adam. Boy oh boy I love me some Astra. They are crushing it. I can't wait to see about the lifterLMS integration you mentioned.

    • li li

      i was wondering how to accept debit card and credit card payment with paypal payment pro account .

      i bought the lifterlms paypal gateway(PayPal Extension

      Personal) but at my end in setting there is no license key button . . please help me thanks
      and at my end lifterlms>setting>checkout it says allow using "PayPal Express Checkout." is that the only way? can i use paypal payment pro ? thank you so much

    • Eman Basiony

      hi Adam , I need to know how to check the age and gender of the students in my website , and put some constrains on it , how can i do that with Lifterlms or i have to add an extra page before the checkout page ?

    • Skeleton

      What is your take on the Pro them Zerif Lite? Is it better than Astra or Generate Press and how would you rank them from best to worst?

    • an ya

      Thank you so much Dear Adam for your videos , I learned a lot from it , you are the best .
      Just one thing , you did not finished with building the home page (countdown – footer … ) .

    • Hashim Warren

      Sensei has the same problem – very ugly sales pages. I've ditched all LMS plugins and I use custom post types, Woocommerce Memberships, Beaver Builder / Themer, Gravity Forms, and WPcomplete.

      The nice thing is I use those same plugins for everything else on my site.

    • li li

      how to accept both credit cards and PayPal without leaving my website? i have paypal pro

    • li li

      thanks a lot. all of your videos are awesome .

    • Nati Franco

      Thank you sir

    • Eman Basiony

      Thanks adam , waiting ?

    • Fulvio Sarao

      So you suggest use Astra as Theme? i use generatePress.
      Wait for this plugin.


    • mian mubeen

      i want to add total number of plays i got on my sound clod tracks collectively to my WordPress sit is it possible ?

    • SitoFAST WordPress Facile e Veloce

      Hi Adam, another great video and coming soon product, I miss the content protections functions of that plugin, can you introduce a little bit more please.

    • Clod Richard

      LifterLMS & Astra Pro new course 2018 when will be available for us ?

    • Nur Salam

      What's about Hestia theme for Online Courses…? Would you prefer it ?

    • Andrew Beach

      Okay Adam. I'm putting together a course and have followed your Lifter LMS play list and downloaded all the generate press stuff. If I switch to astra theme now will that jackup my website?

    • Patrick Barnaby

      What is wrong with every single course created? The Secret Sauce is not for the non-techie. Solution: Create Course in Adobe Technical Communication Suite and MemberMouse or PaidMembershipPro, plus WP-Courseware.
      No one in the IM or MMO space or non-techie will bother to learn to do it yourself using Adobe Captivate and an advance Course Manager like PaidMemberShip Pro.
      Who will be the first to create a course that is interactive rather than just watch a video for one hour, then stop pause replay etc?
      I've seen courses created using something like MemberMouse and WP-Courseware but not interactive like you can produce in Adobe Captivate. I think we need more interactive eLearning type course created.
      Reason: Much easier to learn than just watching a long video except of course if your teaching on a whiteboard and you're on camera.

    • Mossy Mudruffin

      Ooh…can’t wait to see what Astra does. You’ve got me interested now. We’re hoping to rebuild a site with Elementor, Astra, and Lifter once UA Elementor, and Elementor Themer come out. Now I can add your plugin and this mysterious Astra project to the list. Exciting times!

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