Older Windows laptops and desktops usually end up in a landfill of forgotten Tech…but with Linux, you can bring them a new Life!

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    26 replies to "Linux Saves Windows?!! Linux Mint 18/Ubuntu MATE Installs Geekoutdoors.com EP183"

    • Carl Taylor

      I'm also still using Linux Mint 17.3 on my laptop as my main laptop. It's so good I don't want to change it.

    • Malc Tulloch

      I have just found this, thank you for your help because I don't know very much about computers. A great helpful video.

    • Impromptu

      Never done a conversion like this on an old machine. Tell me – does the Linux install somehow pick up the wifi key from the existing OS?
      I only ask because I'm always forgetting my key…

    • MrUniman69

      HI Geekoutdoors, I have a question, I have Linux Mint 17.3 partitioned on my hard drive, with Windows XP on another partition, I should have just installed Linux and deleted XP, how can I do that now, without uninstalling the Linux OS ?

    • Oie White

      both my laptop are old dell 620 to 630 both are know back to life with linux fedora 32 and kiwi

    • b888

      ON WINDOWS U HAVE LILI USB CREATOR AND A TON OF OTHER MUCH BETTER SOFTWARE TO CREATE BOOTABLE USBS. DON'T BS MAN. Windows is much better in this Department. Give 1 Linux USB image writer that has features Yumi multiboot, Lili usb creator, xboot, Rufus USB, etc. The windows side of this is just better. And while gnome disks is great, gparted needs root privlages and formatting a USD or any drive ends up with a partition that u can't write to unless u change the permissions, something as simple as formatting should never be a 2 step process. Linux does have much better file manager, much better CLI support, much better text editors out of the box, much better developer support, better security but for day to day computing and gaming windows is better. Also if u have solutions to the above mentioned problems, pls enlighten me!.

    • Juan Gonzalez

      why don't you change the dvd drive first just to see if it is not the dvd drive? Then change the hard drive and see if one or the other, or , if it could be both.

    • james

      I have an old Dell laptop that came with Windows 98. I was about to get rid of it, and thought I would try Linux Mint 18.1. Now it works great again. I even have Linux on one of my desktops now. I'm not going back to Windows.

    • André

      it's True! problem is companies lie just to make money. literally they will do wrong stuff just to make a buck. be aware they are up to no good.

    • Garth

      Linux is the best OS out there..Secondly Mate is getting heavy since moving towards GTK3..For a machine this age I would have used LXDE or LXQT and for extra speed used an Arch base

    • João Jotta

      Why would you change the boot order when you have a boot menu and having to remove any USB drives to avoid boot errors?

    • Steven Carter

      My current OS is Linux Mint 17 I've been using it for several years

    • Osubuntu

      All you needed to do is boot from that USB you didn't have to access the BIOS

    • Phoenix

      >"UEFI is a software to protect your BIOS from malware"

      truly, we have a computer master on our hands

    • david jackovino

      i have Linux 18 running on an xp desktop

    • Dart Gar

      Why is there so much anger on the Net . We are just sharing our experiences with Windows machines. Our land is filling up with electronic trash that can be used again. As a father I can tell you that Linux saved me a lot of money. As a field service engineer I was surprised when I found out about how crooked certain companies can be in order to make a profit. Right now I am looking into solid state drives to see if I can speed my hardwares up.

    • Steven Hyleck

      great vids. I am doing the same thing you are, getting old free laptops and saving them from the recycler! Also have a friend that works for Unisys and his son works for system 76. They got me into pc's in 1982. Real simple to load – a few yrs ago was not as easy as it is today.

    • Adam Fletcher

      linux is shit i would rather use vista any day

    • Shisuko

      Running Lubuntu on a crappy laptop and guess what? It runs like a charm.

    • Dart Gar

      I have 7 computer that are in good working condition after their drive were dead. It seems that Linux OS such as Debian can quarantine bad sectors on the drive and install the OS else where. Windows however would rather kill a computer in order to make more money. Windows also are in the habit of sending the so called electronic bullet to hasten the demise of computers. It seems that HP is in cohort with them .

    • TrollingAround

      Forgive me, but I fail to see how "Linux saves Windows"?  I totally get how Linux runs on older hardware, but surely that is "Linux 'saves' computer"?

    • plezx29

      The one thing I hate about Linux, its the tonnes of terminal commands that are needed to get things going. And if that crashes, it's back to square, tonnes of more terminal commands etc….to get going again

    • Daniel Ram

      My laptop is Dell Inspiron around 3 years old and amazingly run very smooth. I first discovered Linux 6 years ago, and since then I was occasionally switching between Linux and Widows. The last 2 years I'm a full time Linux user and recently switched from Ubuntu to KDE Neon. I'm amazed how Linux run on my system and even the hybrid graphics (Nvidia 630M) runs with Nvidia Prime very smooth. I still have Windows 10 installed with dual boot but hardly ever use it (some school assignments require me to keep Windows)

    • AAA

      Xubuntu is really good

    • Someone Else

      On my home computer I unplugged the old windows hard drive before installing Linux Mint on a fresh new hard drive, then plugged the windows containing one back in later. I was more than a bit surprised when I found Windows 7 in my Linux boot menu! Sometimes it's nice to have a clever program.

      In windows world I learned that a program trying to be clever can be a real nuisance. It is totally different in Linux.

    • Morc

      do you heard of plop bootloader? you burn plop bootloader to cd and you can boot from floppy usb hdd

      so it can boot old pcs from usb

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