What is my Favorite Linux Theme of 2017? And did I FINALLY solve my Linux Mint 18.3 Sylvia Problems?

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    4 replies to "LIVE: Best Linux Theme (2017) and Linux 18.3 Problems Solved!!! Geekoutdoors.com EP579"

    • JessicaFEREM

      Have you tried KDE or Kubuntu or Manjaro KDE. It looks like a professional OS and feels like one too

    • ImpermanentHuman

      Your a nice guy, I appreciate your videos, but I recommend discussing the issues shown in the video title and get it done in 5 mins then take as long as you like to waffle and chat with people who have the time
      If you give the answers your promising to answer in the first 5 mins your still getting a video viewed, we’re still going to ‘like’ it or add it to favorites etc but if it takes a whole hour to wait until you finally give the promised answers we’ve clicked on the video to see many people just aren’t going watch your vids at all

    • ki2ne

      The transparent Cinnamon theme I think I also had on Mint 17 but I tweaked the theme files to get it to be less transparent. Nowadays the only transparent-ish thing I have is my terminal emulator.

      Speaking of "less eye strain at night", you can try F.lux.

    • XBANDtv

      Is this on the XFCE edition?

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