There’s very few things that you can say Changed Your Life! But Linux did that for me years ago and I’m never looking back!

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    13 replies to "LIVE: How Linux Changed My LIFE!!! EP433"

    • richard baker

      Linux changed my life. For the first time I actually loved using a computer.

    • samljer

      why are the pixels in this video 2 inches wide?

      i remember 3.11 was like the greatest thing i ever seen.. then windows 95 blew me away. easily my favorite, was 98SE…

      windows7 is only the favorite of many, because they remember it so fondly. mostly because of the shitshow that came before it.

    • SyberPrepper

      Just found your channel. I appreciate knowing your background. I appreciate what you said at 00:59 about creating content and how it will help someone. I need to get going again. Thanks.

    • 21kpatriot

      I just shared this ion my Facebook page!

    • 21kpatriot

      You know, I'm really happy I found your channel! This whole story is how so many of us got here and you reminded me of that journey. It's like we were led to Linux! Things just feel RIGHT here. I feel like my spirit and my mind have been set free to explore and learn new ways of doing things and new learning experiences that frankly, I wasn't getting in Windows. I can feel your passion for Linux with each video and it's contagious, just like your friend with the Commodore 64 was with you! Thanks for that story, it puts things in perspective to look back on the journey and gives us all a road map of how we should travel forward to keep the trip fresh and exciting as it used to be! A truly well crafted live show! Thank you again! OH! I'm loving this Ryzen 3 MSI / Linux build! My Linux is SO much snappier in this system, I keep pinching myself! Yes, I'm awake!

    • Dave Schenck

      Value added my friend! You are awesome.

    • Derek Wallace

      64K Ram. Hence the name Commodore 64. The Commodore Vic 20 had 64K Ram. Hence the name Commodore 64. The Commodore Vic 20 had 20k. You could kill someone or break your foot with the floppy drive.

    • michael murphy

      windows 3.1 was after Dos.

    • Juan Gonzalez

      Master, well play master about Linux skills

    • Juan Gonzalez

      Hail to the Master, thank you for your memories, it reminded me of my own as far as atari video game playing, thank you Master

    • dela vago

      That head shape tho…

    • Zain DragonSlayer

      Why cinnamon use 1 gb RAM ans its laggy and KDE work fine ? I have 4gb ram and i3 1, 4 GHz

    • virajxpro

      Samurai Showdown II :O

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