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The Secret to Increasing Your Conversion Rates. Is By Adding A Little Magic To Your Site!

WARNING:This Powerful Tool Can Dramatically Increase Conversion Rates By Making Your Buttons, Opt-in Forms And More Magically Appear, Disappear Or Booth

Never before has anything this easy and yet so powerful has been offered. You are able to create what is comanly known as “magic buy now buttons”.

As a matter of a fact, the Magic Button Wizard can be used to capture your visitors emails. You are able to show a opt-in form instead of a buy button thus creating urgency for visitors to signup for your mail-list.

Are you tired of losing possible customers because you just cannot cause that urgency ?

Are you sick of losing possible customres becouse they see the price tag befour they see or hear your sales message ?

Have you wondered why your sales pages do not just convert better ?

Have you realized that many old marketing tactics no longer work and you need something new ?

If this is you then do not feel bad because we all have been there at some point and time but now there is a solution to take care of this problem.

so what is Magic Button Wizard and what can it do for you?

Magic Button Wizard started out as a button generator that would create buttons that would appear and disappear while playing a video on a squeeze page. But it has turned into so much more than that and your uses are virtually unlimited.

Use it on a video sales page and offer a discount during the video
Use it to make your button disapair after a set time to increase urgency
Place the code under your video to capture a visitors email address
Use it to make your button disapair after a set time to increase urgency
And so much more.. Use Your Imagination!

Very easy to use.. If you can copy and paste then you have what it takes and within minutes you can be increasing your conversions.

Ability to set each timer to what you want
Ability to use any payment method / button
Ability to add any type of opt-in forms

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