Marketing Automation is big talk right now and rightfully so. SMB’s are starting to catch on and attempting to use marketing automation for simple and complex automations.

You can build your marketing machine and with the use of automation, you can customize your marketing to the engagement of your audience.

With the 7 Step Content Automation sequence, you can deliver high quality content to your audience through the use of a fairly complex automation that delivers only when other content has been consumed.

Instead of throwing content at your audience for 7 straight days, you can give them the content they want when they want it.

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    11 replies to "Marketing Automation the 7 Step Content Automation Sequence Active Campaign"

    • Markus Nelson

      Good deal – There should be more videos like this.

    • bobby whatt

      Hey what software is this?

    • sidesplitters

      If you require these tactics to sell products/service you either need to a) review your offer or b) find how to add more value. This is the marketing equivalent of a telemarketer – wearing prospects down. If you base your business on this you're in trouble. This is over-complicated and typical of someone selling a recipe.

    • Moneyman Jones

      How many reminder emails should you send them before you stop trying to have them engage ?

    • Moneyman Jones

      Can you please make a video regarding the the content inside the emails in the re engaging side ? (Right side)

    • Jamie Andreas - Guitar Principles

      Hi, thanks for this. How do you make the left side go back to the right side? I can't figure out how to do it, thanks.

    • edalarconreal

      Thanks! Just what I was looking for!

    • Elvirg Solana

      Nice one! Thank you for this video…

    • Karen Vaisman

      do you have suggestions what to do if by the 7th step they don't engage? also any other videos on developing 7 content emails?

    • Tamyka Washington

      Thanks so much, this helps a lot!

    • Logan Pont

      Thanks you for this, I just set it up in one of my engagement campaigns and looking forward to seeing the results! cheers…

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