The Pro version of the plugin includes the package of premium add-ons allowing you to manage every aspect of online education.

In this tutorial, you can find a detailed review of each addon and its primary setup. Learn how to use it and upgrade your educational website.

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List of MasterStudy PRO Add-ons:

01:10 – Lessons Live Stream
03:11 – Assignments
05:51 – The Gradebook
06:23 – Online Testing
07:21 – Prerequisites
08:12 – Sequential Content Drip
10:49 – Trial Courses
11:40 – Statistics and Payouts
12:28 – Multi-Instructors
13:13 – Point Reward System
15:00 – Course Bundles
17:20 – Group Courses
19:20 – Google Classroom Feature
21:58 – Udemy Course Importer
22:23 – Zoom Conference
24:20 – SCORM Courses
25:17 – BuddyPress Add-on

MasterStudy LMS Pro Plugin is a feature-rich tool used for learning management systems and WordPress based educational websites providing extended functionality for online course creation and distribution.

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    26 replies to "MasterStudy LMS Pro WordPress Plugin Complete Review & Tutorial | StylemixThemes"

    • Paultheseer

      Hi just bought the theme and working through setting up very pleased with it .. one thing in the video at 16.32 my members dashboard or page doesn’t look like that the courses are all along the bottom with a big space above .. how or where do I edit this please

    • ICT Notes

      My Master study theme is very slow
      How to speed up it?

    • Zahida Zulfiqar

      The emulator process for AVD Maarif_Test was killed..
      What does it means and how i can solve it please help

    • Nicolás Javier Genine

      Hello, I have LMS PRO. How can you access the LMS Forms Editor plugin? appears as a plugin but wordpress tells me "Sorry, you don't have permission to access this page.

    • Francesco Tedesco

      Whenever I try and bundle my courses on MasterStudy it always redirects me to the blog page for some reason. Really frustrating any solutions?

    • AMR Barca

      can the student ask questions ?

    • AMR Barca

      Is there a review system?

    • Asrar Sheikh

      24:08 getting java error

    • STUDY TJ

      Why after uploading plugin my menu is hiding ?

    • Teachers Forum

      would please give me any name of learning app used by Master Study app

    • هاجر Utrainy

      14:35 How can I fix the points table on my website, it's not well presented!

    • Yana Vachkova

      I have Masterstudy theme with Lms PRO and I can't upload any video to my video lesson. I upload the video on Youtube and I am trying to put the URL in Lesson video URL but any video doesn't appear on my lesson. Please help!!!!

    • Michael Freyer

      I have this plugin but I was not able to have the student actually go through the whole program. They can still just click complete and skip to the test. Theres no way of tracking. Does anyone know how to fix it?

    • Aarif Ahmed

      course filter and coins missing

    • Aarif Ahmed

      where is course filter

    • abuhssan Kaskey

      My daughter love you playback music
      How to have it full

    • Suresh Shinde

      I want to add cart icon in primary menu, how I can do settings?

    • Muhammad Salman

      I have pro plugin but i didn't see chat option plz guide me how to enable it?

    • Blazing Bernard

      I bought a new LMS website on ebay and want to make lot of modifications to suit my teaching industry. Do you provide such a service for a nominal fee?

    • Oana G

      hi, where do I get the zoom plugin, please? I have the pro version but I can't find the Zoom section?

    • TravelVA

      No support , dont buy it

    • inam afridi

      Why some videos are not downloading???

    • Yaser Abi Farag, Inmobiliaria Farro

      hello update the theme to the latest version, I already updated the components, but I have problem with the printing of the certificate, the problem is that it is downloaded when the lessons are completed and without taking the exam, please, what must be configured to solve this problem .

      I think I explain myself well, I enter the course and complete the lessons without presenting the evaluation and the subject allows you to download the certificate, it is a fatal error.


      Teşekkür ederim.

    • Yudhvir Singh Godara

      You say we have zoom integration, but we'll still need to pay for zoom pricing plans.
      I already have business plan for G-suite, which comes with google meet Cant i use that.
      Is there a integeration for that too ?

    • Muhammad Asif

      udemy importer doesnt work i have rakuten ApI and i am approved in, but udeny importer not working search engine help me out

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