MemberMouse WooCommerce Plus Plugin Product Page:

MemberMouse WooCommerce Plus plugin integrates MemberMouse and WooCommerce to allow you to sell products through your WooCommerce store.

The membership product creation is done with 1 simple click and no unnecessary steps to save time and makes the integration seamless.


» Sell MemberMouse Membership Levels & Bundles
» Register Members to External Membership Sites
» Duplicate Membership Level Purchase Prevention
» Advanced Membership Products Summary Table
» Dynamic Members-Only Discounts Feature
» Special Actions & Filters (for Developers)


» Allow customers to purchase MemberMouse levels & bundles
» Allow customers to purchase multiple types of products in one cart, including: physical, digital, downloadable products etc.
» Enjoy all the benefits of an eCommerce platform
» Hundreds of payment gateways options

MemberMouse WooCommerce Plus Plugin Product Page:

External Membership Sites Add-Ons Bundle:

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