In this video, I do an in-depth review of Memberpress. This is a MemberPress Review 2020.

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    10 replies to "MemberPress Review 2020"

    • Mr. DK

      Hi MAK just bought Memberpress from your link, how do I get access to the master class?

    • Jennifer Gargiulo

      How does memberpress work when you already have a website that has buddypress and/or different themes? I need to understand how to integrate 🙂 Do you offer consultation? 🙂

    • JC B

      MemberPress spies on everything that you sell on your website. They record all of your transactions. If you don't believe me, just ask them. You have to grant MemberPress full administrative access to your Stripe account. That means they can retrieve and then sell your customers list. Your customers deserve better. S2Members is still the OG membership plugin. F@@@ MemeberPress!

    • Kitten kk

      Can the admin change members free to become a paid member? Which does not require members to pay? (manual edit)

    • Dan Kelly

      If you integrate memberpress with an eyeball cart, like samcart, do you still see revenue info on the memberpress dashboard?

    • ThePixelitomedia

      Hello Mak, since you are my personal wordpress master, do you know if its possible to use webhooks with wordpress like to upgrade a useraccount from a outside server (zapier, intregromat) and start a dripping with memberpress after user was upgraded due a webhook post?

    • Steve Escobar

      Hi MAK. Same here I used your link to purchase memberpress pro. How do I get access to your memberpress Master course?

    • Michaël Kihl

      Hi Mak, can we get a video that integrates MailPoet with Memberpress?

    • Rishikesh Mishal

      Thanks for great review ?

    • Starblazer27

      Hi Mak… Can the woo commerce memberships plugin work as a recommended option for integration with Learndash? Are there limitations to it compared to MemberPress?

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