In this video, I go over the pros and cons of choosing MemberPress to build a membership website with WordPress.

When it comes to creating a WordPress membership website, you want to go with the most reliable solution.

MemberPress has been one of the best plugins to create a membership website with WordPress. They have the most advanced feature set, yes remain the easiest to set up and configure.

In fact, in this short video, I will create a fully functioning membership website to demonstrate how easy it is to set up.

If you would like more info on MemberPress, here is the link:

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    25 replies to "MemberPress Review – How To Create A WordPress Membership Website"

    • WordPress For Non-Techies

      Here is the link to MemberPress, I will be creating a special bonus offer for it in the next few days, so the link will first take you to my website

    • Matt

      Given the time of this review – is MemberPress still worth using?

    • Mike Gilbert

      Adam, are you still recommending Memberpress and do you have any paid training courses available?

    • Dave Montague

      Not impressed with Memberpress. I have used many membership plugins and this one by far is the most difficult to use.

    • DeepRed

      Hi Adam I am new to Membership plugins, I wonder if you could recommend a nice WordPress membership plugin for the sole purpose of company filesharing, where different workers can log in every day and download different files, images and videos. There has to be one admin that can post different content along with uploading files – all in a nice and easy maneuverable control panel?

    • אלי רוזן

      Hi does memberpress have woocommerce as a gateway?

    • José Nadesan

      Hey Adam, do you have an updated video for 2020? Do you still recommend MP in 2020?

    • Kitten kk

      Can the admin change members free to become a paid member? Which does not require members to pay

    • David Martín Rius

      Hi! I have a question: Do you know if I can use wordpress to create a website like Patreon? I want to make a social network with Buddyboss. My idea is that each user can create, manage and sell their own memberships / subscriptions in their front end profile. Is there a way to do it? I have seen that there are a lot of plugins like memberpress or paid memberships pro, ultimate member, etc. Unfortunately, I think these ones only allow an administrator to manage the memberships and that is not exactly what I am looking for. Well, if you can help me with this I will appreciate it a lot! Thank you 🙂

    • Josue Escobar

      Thought you were Dollar Bill from Billions

    • BARRY DEAN Marketing

      Your tutorial was very helpful thank you. I am looking for a membership site that offers a certain

      Niche of people to create their own membership account within my website and sell their product memberships to their customers.

      Hope that made sense.

      Please let me know if MemberPress or any other membership sites offers this.



    • Wycliff Kibocha

      Hello… is working with Memberpress on a WordPress site powered by React viable?

    • Create Miracles Not Excuses

      Can you have different prices for one group of people and another price for another group of people? Like a grandfather price and the public price?

    • Flavio Oliveira

      I want to make a system where the customer chooses a plan to subscribe, and after he chooses the plan, he is redirected to pay for the plan, and he pays with a credit card and each plan will have only one month of access. and after those 30 days it is automatically deleted ….

      do you have one that does this together with Woocommerce? or without the woocomerce?

    • Dennis Hooten

      wish I could see what the sign up user sees

    • Michael Giovanniello

      Hi, i'm loving these tutorials and think I'll buy MP through your link. But I can't figure out if it will suit my specific needs. Basically: I will need two types of members (one paid, one not) who will be able to post jobs and message one another about them. They will also need to have different profile fields and different permissions.

      Other desires of mine:
      A forum option
      A rating system

      I understand if you can't address all of the things I mentioned. But can I have different types of members? My site is not at all like AirBnb, but think of that model. Hosts and guests. Different profiles, different permissions, rating system and messenger.

      If not MP, can you suggest another plugin? I also understand if you don't want to, since you have a vested interest in your subscribers using your MP link.

      Sorry for being longwinded. And thanks again for all your work.

    • Chief Willsen

      Hi, spend the last 2 days researching this area – halfway through your video (even though it was from 2017) I decided to go with Meberpress – I will use your link as appreciation for a well spoken run-thru of this plugin. One thing I haven't check yet is the pricing today in 2020, but hey if it solves all my membership problems there's really no limit 🙂


      Hi , please is it possible to have a membership system with this plugin, where each user can access specific content for themselves

    • jessica guevara

      Hey Adam, great breakdown of Memberpress. I have my own WordPress website and I'm ready to launch my membership BUT I've been going back and forth between Kajabi| Teachable or Memberpress plugin. What is your opinion? Thank you xx

    • Dino Audair

      hey Adam I am building a new site and was wondering what type of plug in I would use to display individual test results for each member of my site. its a membership site where bio specimens are sampled via mail and I am trying to post individual results on each members login dashboard. any suggestions ?

    • Markus Rapp

      Hi, I just installed Member Press, but do not have the Options Menu / Manual on top of my Member Press site in Word Press. Where can I find that? Thank you for an answer!

    • Zachary Giovanelli

      I would like to create a membership website that allows anyone to go to my website and place an order and then my members can be assigned tasks from the orders submitted. Would I be able to do this or what plugins would I need to do this? I would like all this managed from the website. So a member logs in and sees certain content that other users can't and it will show tasks given based on anybody submitting an order via an online form.

    • Umar Hameed

      Great lesson. Thanks!

    • Woogon Chung

      Oh. Really? I have to worry about it as well. But, you look so great though. Reminding me of the old-time famous actor Yul Brynner.

    • Marcel Maurer

      Hi there we would like to create a website where founders, entrepreneurs and board members can meet. So just to post vacancies and ideas, and others can then apply to it and if it looks good they can share their contact information. Is memberpress the right plugin for it and goes it standalong with wordpress and hosting or is other stuff needed? Thanks for any help. 👏🏻

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