In this long-form review page, you will find more information and insights regarding the #Memberpress WordPress plugin combined with my experiences for setting up a membership site.

MemberPress 14-Day Free Trial

Memberpress is a solution for marketers, entrepreneurs, business owners to run successful membership on their WordPress websites. Look at this review as an informative piece of content helping you in your decision process for implementing membership functionality. In the tutorial video you will discover a live example of how I integrated Memberpress on my website.

I have also built a long-form page where you can read more about the pros and cons of this solution.

Memberpress – Review

    5 replies to "MemberPress, the 'All-In-One' Membership Plugin for WordPress"

    • JC B

      MemberPress spies on everything that you sell on your website. They record all of your transactions. If you don't believe me, just ask them. You have to grant MemberPress full administrative access to your Stripe account. That means they can retrieve and then sell your customers list. Your customers deserve better.

    • David Martín Rius

      Hi Johan!! I have a question: Do you know if I can use wordpress to create a website like Patreon? I want to make a social network with Buddyboss. My idea is that each user can create, manage and sell their own memberships / subscriptions in their front end profile. Is there a way to do it? I have seen that there are a lot of plugins like memberpress or paid memberships pro, ultimate member, etc. Unfortunately, I think these ones only allow an administrator to manage the memberships and that is not exactly what I am looking for. Well, if you can help me with this I will appreciate it a lot! Thank you 🙂

    • Project WE Society

      As a new user with little website building skills trying to learn the MemberPress plug in, this was very helpful …. thank you for all the detail!

    • Benni Knop

      Is it possible to give paid members a discount on products you add in woocommerce?

    • Pro Trading School

      Thank you very much for your tutorial, i learned a lot from your video, i just want to know if member press support CLICKBANK payment because my product will be in Clickbank

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