Membership Site Models: 6 Types You Need To Know About

Sooo… you’re thinking about adding recurring revenue to your business or starting a membership site? ?

How do YOU know what one to pick? ??‍♀️

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Are you looking for membership site ideas?

Well to get you started, there are 6 main types of membership models that I want to share with you.

1. Publisher Membership Model – This is about publishing content on a regular basis… like a magazine.

2. UPS Membership Model – Delivers a package of content every single month.

3. Coaching Membership Model – One-on-one or group coaching designed to help you and your members grow together.

4. Community Membership Model – People are paying to be in YOUR community of like-minded people!

5. Drip Membership Model – A full curriculum of content that drips out on a specific schedule.

6. Combo Membership Model – A little bit of this and that from the list above.

These are the 6 membership models.

What one – or combo – do you use or plan to use? ??

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      Super valuable information. Thanks!

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      Dude… Really? How yr channel don't have 1M subscriber? Your content is soooo good!!! Thanks btw, for trully helping us!!!

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