Get into a new Way of Learning Microsoft SharePoint Online 2019. Getting started, basics. 🔥MORE at
Full Guide here:
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Get into a new Way of Learning Microsoft SharePoint Online in only 14 minutes!! Getting started, basics.

00:00 Intro
00:57 What is SharePoint
01:46 Accessing to Site
02:41 Structure of SharePoint Site
03:35 Communication Site
04:38 Site Permissions
05:26 Site Settings
05:58 Site Contents
07:50 Site Apps
08:20 Web Parts
10:03 Page Sections
11:50 Teams Site
13:24 Creating Subsites

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    18 replies to "Microsoft SharePoint 2019 – Full Tutorial for Beginners [+ Overview]"

    • Noor Faiqah

      Communication Site 3:50
      Team Site 12:05

    • Beau Cameron

      The title of this video should be fixed. This is is not Microsoft SharePoint 2019. It is Microsoft SharePoint Online. Thanks!

    • f r

      My God, I managed to make it 4:13 into this video before I finally had to Stop it.
      The voice is fuckin annoying as hell. DAMN

    • robiatul jamaluddin

      You are an amazing trainer. 1 question from me. How to trim a video in SharePoint?

    • Acer

      Okay am I the only one that noticed the Excel document misspelled “ Inventary”? 😂

    • Caithness Kondut

      This guy's a robot. I'm not watching it.

    • Jon Ruehle

      This guy's voice sounds like the local car dealership commercial guy.

    • Discover Talent143

      Create PLX google and Tabluea as well

    • Tʜᴇ Fɪʟᴍʏ Nᴇᴏɴ

      bai wadyawar yaaa

    • Nadeem Afzal

      sorry its very confusing —– not helpful at all

    • ParallelMango

      It is annoying. Why force people to have to learn your new bullshit layout? Keep it the fucking same or allow an option to use sharepoint with 2013/2016 options..

    • Right Price Real Estate Group

      Thank you for the overview on Sharepoint. Can a Sharepoint site be available to view internet vs. intranet (like you can do with Google Sites)? If so, can Microsoft Stream videos be placed onto the site and available for everyone or still be available only internally? Thank you

    • Soul Freezer

      Microsoft trash

    • Mytia George

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    • Akash K

      This is the short and sweet intro I was searching for! I am a beginner here, thanks bai.

    • ad singh

      Hello I have just registered a new offcie account on After login I am not getting sharepoint and Admin option for O365 as well. Please guide.

    • daren

      it's not a tutorial, it is informational

    • badkarmabaroo

      "Hello and welcome to moviefone…."

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