I hope you enjoyed this video on my favorite online tools, here are the links to some of the things that I had discussed.

How I use Sendibble as a Business System using any Product(s) Webinar Tutorial Autoresponder A+++++ a 2 hour tutorial that expands on the sendibble system https://youtu.be/T1yWw7hlgOM

The awesumyst Sendibble Autoresponder with simple webpage builder… http://www.erosfip.com You’ll see that it talks about a ebook creator for 30 bucks, but the golden private system is inside and you will be offer to upgrade in the system. It’s a beauty. OMG… Sendible also imports source code and does the same thing groove does… Whoohooo!!!! I’ll make a new video tutorial on that soon.

the example pages: http://www.eddieinthewoods.com

The professional funnel system… get free pages, sell and videos, with options to upgrade in the groovey system, yours to keep for life. Don’t miss that opportunity, because it’s a deal of a lifetime that you can learn and grow in. It’s free online school… http://www.erosgroove.com with an affilate program automatically built in.

Free http://www.efficientpim.com personal and link management system to keep you on track with post-it notes and desktop to-do list reminders… all you need for organization. Upgrade option, but the free version does practically all you need.

an example import page, using groove calendar w/popup: (the groove 2020 forecast/dev.)

http://www.turningpagesintogold.com is another 50% commission site, just two referrals and it pays for itself… great for team building and a business start up in itself. Try the the 14 day trial, no credit card required… just observe and absorb all the training inside. You’ll be surprised on how good that little money maker is and what you will learn. It’s been around the longest of these three and totally underrated… it’s another secret I’m surprised that I’m glad I found.

I also offer hosting at http://www.buck39.com for a single cpanel. If you need a multi-panel account with whms, just email me and I’ll send you a link to get 13 panels or unlimited. Hosting starts at $13.00 a year… it’s designed to help people like you be able to get started somewhere and to used for unlimited redirects/subdomains and so much more, even one button wordpress install. (the pages is under re-construction, but the order now link works and show menu above it offers more options. All you need to do is get a domain name. I recommend http://www.uniregistry.com because they offer privacy and not extra cost.

Themes for wordpress: http://www.erosmotifs.com

Musicans check out http://www.vip2it.com/smart … it can work in general, their amazing!

http://www.superaffiliatestartupacademy.com is a great beginner site to start promoting something.
and http://www.vip2it.com/67steps if you want to figure out how to refine all your ideas to launch them.


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image on cover… http://www.pixabay.com (thank-you)

* I am an affiliate for many other program/product links enclosed and on my wall. If any sales are generated from my shared links, I receive a small percentage of the sale in gratitude of sharing it. Doing certain things in a certain way, creates a more abundant life for everyone and better days. Sharing the wealth, health, happiness and abundance… you can become an affiliate too and grow in online education, in building a new way of living, that is powerful through one and all. Change you sharing, change your life. Each Share has an energy, what kind of energy are you investing in. Every view is an energy of influence and direction, in mind and motion. Sharing in win-wins that creates more energy in exchange, learn through a system(s), create many streams and then, if you so desire, create your own from the knowledge and experience you acquired.

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      All thanks to @darkframe02 on telegram he help with bit coin flips and fresh cc and it work I don't no what I will do without you ….you are the real deal ?

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      Well done ? very solid informative review video. Great tools.

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